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Izabella (イザベラ, Izabera) is the mother of the reincarnated Anos Voldigoad. Her specialty is mushroom gratin, which is Anos' favorite food. She is also the reincarnation of Luna Voldigoad, Anos' mother in his previous life.


Izabella is a young adult woman with long hair. She often wears an apron as she does housework.


Izabella is a kind and sweet woman who greatly cares for her family.


Izabella is an ordinary human. At some point, she met and married Gusta, but the two were unable to bear a child. Eventually, Izabella was able to get pregnant, but the baby's heart stopped. Desperate to save their child, Izabella and Gusta prayed with all of their might so that the child would live and grow up healthy. The fetus's heart did start again, the couple swore to themselves that no matter what their child turned out to be, they would always love it with everything they had.


Demon King Academy Arc

When she gave birth, she and her husband were thinking about how to name their baby boy when he spoke saying Anos Voldigoad. As he used magic to grow bigger, Izabella and Gusta were surprised but amazed at how smart he was. A month later, Anos used magic to become even bigger, but Izabella still managed to recognize him. He told her he was going to the Demon King Academy, and Izabella was worried, but her husband comforted her saying that Anos was smart and they needed to let him grow on himself, but he still insisted they came with him and Anos accepted. At the academy entrance, they started yelling his name as support, but that embarrassed him a little.



Izabella loves her husband dearly.

Anos Voldigoad

Izabella loves her son and would support him on anything he decides to do. When he grew using magic, she was amazed at how smart he was and never doubted or feared of what he can be capable of.

She is very proud of Anos and gets angry when people insult him. She has no qualms in angrily calling out and chastising the purebloods who were mocking him at the Demon Sword Tournament.

She is willing to put her life on the line for his sake. This is shown when, despite knowing that Emilia would kill her, Izabella refused to give his sword to the teacher simply because he asked to look after it.

Misha Necron

Sasha Necron



  • It is implied that her and Gusta's prayers are what drew Anos' soul into the body of their unborn child.



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