Ivis Necron (アイヴィス・ネクロン, Aivisu Nekuron) is one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors created by Anos Voldigoad.


Ivis looks like a skeletal mage. He wears a robe that covers his entire body and a hat with side ornaments, leaving only his skeletal/mummy face to be seen. He doesn't look to have a bottom jaw and speaks through a jaw-mouth ornament on his chest.


Ivis is quite smart, capable of developing complex fusion magic. He became wary of Anos when he learned that someone can oppose him. When Anos explained who he was, Ivis remained suspicious as seeing what Anos was capable, he didn't exclude all that to be part of his plan on harming the Demon King.


2,000 years ago, Ivis was created from Anos's own blood. After Anos's reincarnation, the Seven Elder Demon Emperors, co-operated with Kanon's plan to create Avos Dilhevia. Kanon then fused his six roots with 6 out of the 7 demons, including Ivis, and erased their memories so that if they came in contact with Anos when he had reincarnated, he will not know about Kanon's plan since the Seven Elder Demon Emperors couldn't lie to him.

When Sasha is born, Ivis cast the Separation and Fusion Reincarnation <Dino Jekses> on her in order to create the vessel for the Founder to reincarnate into.


Ivis went to Anos's class to teach them some great magic. As he was introduced, Emilia Rudewell told Anos to not be rude and a moment later, Arnos greeted Ivis like an old friend. Ivis wondered who he was and Anos then got closer and tried to use memory restoration magic, but had no effect. He then used origin magic <Lebaido> to turn back time and Ivis was surprised there was time magic and indeed remembered his past, but Anos was not in it. Ivis thanked him for what he did and that he knows that someone who could oppose him now exists. Anos then got back on his seat and Ivis continued the class showing fusion magic. Anos then told him he saw a flaw and as he corrected it, the duration of the spell increased several hundred times more. Ivis couldn't believe someone studied fusion magic before him, but Anos explained it was all his doing and he was just seeing it for the first time, but knew that after a thousand years, Ivis himself would have seen the flaw. Ivis then told Anos there was nothing he can teach him and wondered why he was even in the school.

After class, they spoke and Anos explained someone changed his name and changed his memory. Ivis agreed that may be true, but at the same time, Anos may be the one who done that and he can't fully believe him at the moment, but he will remain neutral towards him for the moment unless he planned to use his talents against the Demon King.


  • Separation and Fusion Reincarnation <Dino Jekses>: A magic that was cast on Sasha and created Misha.
  • Demon Restriction Chain <Gijel>

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