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The Inviolable Waters (不可侵領海 Fukashin Ryōkai?), also known as the Inviolable Territorial Waters, refers to the extremely powerful and revered beings in the Silver Water Holy Sea.


The Inviolable Waters are a group of extremely dangerous and powerful beings in the Silver Water Holy Sea with vast and unfathomable power. Each of them has their own territory in the Silver Sea, which should be avoided at all costs, hence their name.

Feared and awed throughout the Silver Water Holy Sea, they live according to their own desires. Most of the Inviolable Waters are hostile to the Silver Water Academy Pablohetara, as members of Pablohetara consider them a threat to their worlds, and their appearance is treated as a threat of the highest level.



  • With the exception of Yzak, most of the members of the Inviolable Waters have disappeared from the Silver Sea, though members of Pablohetara are still wary of them suddenly reappearing.
  • It was stated that in his prime, the First Holy King Ordov Heinriel was as powerful as the Inviolable Waters.
  • Due to the fact that he was able to fight on par with Roncruz Zeybat, who was using the body of the deceased Two-Laws Tyrant, and later against Yzak, Anos is considered to be as powerful as the members of the Inviolable Waters.