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Humans (人間, Ningen) are one of the four main races, alongside Demons, Spirits, and Gods.


Compared to the other races, humans live relatively short lives. Whereas spirits and gods can live almost indefinitely, and demons can live for thousands of years, no known human has ever lived for more than a 100 years. The magic power of humans is also on the weak side, causing them to rely on wits and cunning instead. This in turn led to human society having a lot more scammers and fraud in general than the other races.[1] It's also the reason why they are able to come up with far more insidious and nasty schemes than demons.[2]

Powers and Abilities

Despite being weaker than demons in terms of magic power, certain human individuals are able to adapt well to magic and learn Holy Magic, becoming a Hero in the process.[3] The power of holy magic is particularly effective against demons, as it can seal their power or severely weaken them. The main spell that gave humans an advantage against demons is Asc, which allows humans to convert their feelings into magic power and strengthen their bodies. This was the main reason why the weaker humans could compete against demons, who possessed greater magic power.[4]

Humans are also capable of wielding Holy Swords, which possess holy power as well as the ability to seal demon power.[5] These swords can also be used to enhance the power of Holy Magic. In addition, humans can also use the power of Holy Water to further strengthen themselves, as it gives them more magic power while also being toxic to demons.[6]


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