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Hero Academy Arc (勇者学院編 Yūsha Gakuin-hen?) is the third arc of The Misfit of Demon King Academy.




Participants Result
Jerga vs. Anos Voldigoad Anos defeats Jerga by piercing his abdomem and crushing his lungs.
"Jerga Kanon" vs. Demon King Academy's 3rd-year students "Jerga Kanon" defeats the 3rd-year students by using Holy Water.
"Jerga Kanon" vs. Anos's squad Anos defeats both Ledriano and Zeshia by using Asc through the Fan Union. Sasha defeats Leno with poison magic. Lay defeats Heine with Zele and Zeleo.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Diego Kanon Ijaysica Anos kills Diego by destroying his Root with Bebesd.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Kanon Anos almost kills Kanon but lets himself be pierced by Evansmana to temporarily die in Kanon's place.
Anos and Kanon vs. Jerga Anos summons his castle through Delsgade and defeats Jerga with Venuzdonoa.


  • The Hero Academy is introduced.
  • Eleonore is revealed to be humanoid magic, created by Jerga 2,000 years ago.
  • Lay Glanzudlii is revealed as the reincarnated Hero Kanon.



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