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Heine Iorg (ハイネ・イオルグ Haine Iorugu?) is the Hero Academy's Rank 3 and a student from the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon".


Heine looks like a young boy with blonde hair and amber-colored eyes. He wears the uniform of the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon", which is red in color.


Heine possesses a more mischievous personality than his fellow "Jerga Kanon" students.


As a member of the "Jerga Kanon" class, Heine is likely to be a reincarnated hero from the past.[2] However, he was led to believe that he was the reincarnation of the Hero Kanon's second source, taking the name of Heine Kanon Iorg as a result. Because the "Jerga Kanon" students were taught to use the holy spell Asc, which was tainted by one half of Jerga's source, they were slowly brainwashed into hating demons. With this, Jerga's hatred was successfully passed on to them, as they believed that it was Kanon's voice speaking to them.[3]


Hero Academy Arc

During the Inter-Academy Exam, Heine and the other heroes secured an overwhelming victory against the Demon King Academy's third-year students after rigging the entire battlefield with holy water, which gave them an unfair advantage against their opponents. This causes Anos Voldigoad to single-handedly evaporate the whole lake as a show of strength, before provoking them into a rematch.

Despite using 1088 magical barriers that bind and weaken demons, the heroes cannot defeat Anos' team. After Lay Glanzudlii is immobilized by Agoras, Heine takes the chance to attack him, only to have his arm cut off instead. Lay explains that since Heine was moving inside the barrier with holy power, he did the same by infusing his sword with holy power. Lay eventually takes both of Heine's holy swords and uses their full potential against him, leaving Heine terrified and screaming in pain.

Because his fight with Lay left his entire body covered with stigmas, or wounds that healing magic couldn't heal, Heine would remain absent during the Dilhaide-Azeshion war and Jerga's return. His condition was so bad that they had to use holy water to prevent him from dying, though he might've been better off dying.[4]

Great Spirit Arc

With the appearance of the real Kanon and his usage of Evansmana, Heine and his fellow reincarnations were declared as fakes and stripped from the name "Kanon". They were now simply treated as normal reincarnated individuals.[5]

After discovering a magical tool that seemingly belonged to Jerga, the heroes contact Eleonore and bring it to Dilhade for disposal. However, the real owner, Zabro Gaze, poisons them before they can meet Eleonore and turns them into ghouls to fight against her. When Eleonore defeats Zabro, she uses Theo Ingall to restore them back to normal.


  • High Magic Power: Heine possesses prodigal human talent in earth attribute holy magic.
  • Expert Swordsman: Heine is said to be an expert swordsman as evidenced by the fact that he is capable of wielding to holy swords at the same time.


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Lay Glanzudlii

Because Lay was a demon, Heine wanted to see him cry and scream in pain, as wounds caused by his twin swords rendered any healing ineffective. However, he would soon become terrified of Lay when he picked up Heine's swords and demonstrated a greater mastery over them than Heine ever did. Scared, Heine tries talking his way out of the very same thing he wanted to do to Lay, but the latter simply impales the two swords on the ground as 44 blades emerge to pierce Heine, causing him to painfully scream.[6]



  • Prior to the revelation that Heine was an ordinary reincarnated hero, he was considered the reincarnation of the Hero Kanon's second source.


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