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Gusta Raizeo (グスタ・ライゼオ, Gusuta Raizeo) is the young father of the reincarnated Anos Voldigoad. Like Izabella, he loves his son and quickly jumps to conclusions. He is also the reincarnation of Celis Voldigoad, Anos' father in his previous life.


Gusta is a well-built man with brown hair and purple eyes. He possesses a small scar over his right eye. He looks fit because of his occupation as a blacksmith.


He is soft, compassionate, and cares deeply about his family.


Gusta works as a blacksmith with his wife Izabella, and they have a son named Anos. When Anos decided to attend the Demon King Academy, they moved with him to Dilhaide.


Blacksmith: Gusta is a skilled blacksmith that was able to create a suitable iron/diamond sword for Anos in the Magic Sword Tournament with just a head injury.

Weapons and Equipment

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  • Heavy Thunder Sword <Gaudgeimon>



As he cares deeply for his family, naturally towards Izabella as well. Both share the traits of jumping to conclusions because of first time impressions.

Anos Voldigoad

He cares greatly for Anos' well being, and even going as far as personally crafting Anos a Magic Sword for the Magic Sword Tournament. Like his wife, Gusta also treats Anos as a normal child, knowing while Anos is unbelievably strong, the son needs his parents' care and love to grow.



  • It's implied that Gusta used to be a chuunibyou when he was younger, a Japanese term used to describe kids who have delusions of having a hidden power or being someone important when they clearly aren't. He went by the name of Annihilation Sword King Gaderahipto, and thinks Anos is going through the same when he calls himself the "Demon King of Tyranny".[1]


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