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I also like love and kindness. That it is always filled with beautiful despair. It's fragile and easy to crumble, a breeding ground for ugliness and hatred.
~ Graham to Anos[2]

Graham (グラハム, Gurahamu) was a misfit, similar to Anos Voldigoad, who was powerful enough to defy the orders of the gods.


He's from a race of headless demon called Zeylon. Because he was born without a head, he took possession of Celis Voldigoad's head, which he attached to his own body.


He is a ruthless person who has killed and manipulated numerous people. Despite his twisted mind, he is usually seen with a smug grin and carefree demeanor.


Originally born in the sage's family, he was once destroyed by Celis. He was then reincarnated and reborn as a headless demon race called Zeylon. He later reappears before Celis and wipes out the phantom knights before depriving the leader Celis of his head and impersonating him.


  • Source of Nothingness: Just like Anos, Graham possesses a unique source. In his case, it is that of pure nothingness that takes place after his source has been destroyed. The closer Graham comes to annihilation, and therefore to his original nothingness, the stronger he gets. Reforming back from nothing increases his power. It was this source that allowed him to put up a fight against Anos and survive his constant destruction.[3]
    • Immense Magic Power: Graham possesses a vast amount of magic power, which makes him one of the strongest beings in the world as his power was stated to be superior to that of the gods. He defeated the God of Frenzy Agazon and made him his servant, transforming him into a divine weapon.[4] He managed to overpower elite members of the Phantom Knights, an order of powerful demons who destroyed many other powerful demons, and fight their leader Celis Voldigoad on equal grounds, until he gained the advantage by using a hostage to get some critical hits in.[5] His magic power further increased after he assimilated the power of Celis by using the Zeylon's ability to copy the powers of others by wearing their heads. He managed to fight against Shin Reglia and Eldemade Dityjon, who are powerful demons in their own respective right, at the same time.[6] He was stated to have the same output of power in the world as Anos, as he managed to fight him on equal grounds for a while. Though Anos later revealed that he withheld a lot of his own strength to not destroy the world.[3]
    • Overcoming Nothingness: Due to the power of his source, Graham has shown the ability to reform himself in the event of his destruction, as he grows stronger each time his source is destroyed and returns to his original nothingness. He demonstrated the ability to endure the power of the world-destroying magic Egil Grone Angdroa, which can destroy the world several times over[4] and even regenerate from being slashed by Venuzdonoa, which contains the power of the God Of Destruction, though Venuzdonoa was able to partially destroy his nothingness, as he would immediately regenerate when its destruction effect stopped being applied to him. While his ability to regenerate is very immense, it is not all powerful, as it is shown that a sufficiently strong power of destruction can destroy him, such as Venuzdonoa if continuously applied over time, or a Voldigoad's source of destruction as Anos sealed his source in his own to destroy it. However, Anos stated that it would take a millions of destructions and a significant period to permanently destroy his source, which demonstrates the power of Graham's regeneration.
  • Zeylon Bloodline: More than 2000 years ago before he decided to use the opportunity to reincarnate after Celis destroyed his source he conducted horrific experiments on the Zeylons to study their ability. Right after, Graham managed to obtain the power of the Zeylon bloodline. With it, he could assimilate the power of those whose heads he wore, thus giving him access to the powers and abilities. He managed to use the severed head of Celis Voldigoad in order to duplicate his powers and allowing him to wield Celis' sword; Gaudgimon.[5]
  • Master Scythe Wielder: Graham is shown to be very skilled at wielding his scythe; Befenguzdogma, as he is fully capable of integrating its unpredictable attacks into his battle style. He is shown to be skilled enough to put up a fight against Anos, who was wielding Venuzdonoa.


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Weapons and Equipment

See: Equipment

  • Disorder Falsification Divine Scythe Befenguzdogma: A black scythe with a large, crooked blade that bears an eerie appearance. As it was created via directly transforming the God of Frenzy Aganzon into a weapon, it can utilize the god's order, similarly to Venuzdonoa. Whereas Venuzdonoa can utilize the order of destruction, to destroy all things in creation, Befenguzdogma can utilize the order of falsification, to distort reality in order to achieve a desired result. With this weapon, it is possible to land an attack that should've been impossible, by distorting reality into making the attack that originally missed, land. It was with this weapon that Graham was able to kill Celis Voldigoad, as well as put up a fight against Anos Voldigoad who was wielding Venuzdonoa.
    • First Secret <Chaotic Wheel>: The scythe is thrown as a projectile that spins like a wheel, which inflicts continuous damage to the target until it is destroyed.[3]
  • Selection Allied Bead: An allied bead that can summon a Selection God for the god seat. Celis used this to summon the God of Frenzy, Aganzon.


Anos Voldigoad

Anos is an individual Graham sees as his equal. He believes Anos to be the only one who can fill his emptiness and cleanse his loneliness.


Graham manipulated Boldinos and made him into one of Graham's own pawns. Graham later used him to manipulate Arcana and had Boldinos become the first overlord of Gadeisiola to use the country for his own ends. After he had no further use for him, Graham killed him and assumed his identity.

Viaflare Wips Gadeisiola

Her previous incarnation namely Sophia was in love with Boldinos, but that only lasted for one life time. She likewise was manipulated and broken by Graham who posed as Boldinos to fulfil his own goal. She believed him to be Boldinos and Graham exploited that to the fullest even impregnating her because of his curiosity concerning Eques. After proving her worth he abandoned her at the drop of a hat and ultimately killed her.

Eges Code

Eges was an apprentice of the deceased Celis Voldigoad, whom Graham defeated alongside the rest of the Phantom Knights. He trained and improved on his spear techniques and skills in order to one day avenge his fallen master. But despite his hard efforts, he still lost to Graham.



  • Graham isn't his real name, but one he took from the Hero Graham after he stole his head.[12]
  • According to Celis, Graham cannot be considered as either a human or demon after his reincarnation as he had transformed into a new kind of being while merely assimilating the power of the Zeylon bloodline.[12]
  • Graham is the creator of Gijerika, which he used to acquire the power of the Zeylon bloodline.[12]


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