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Gods (神々, Kamigami) are one of the four main races, alongside Demons, Humans, and Spirits.


The race that controls the world. Each god is extremely powerful and has the purpose of maintaining their given Order — the various laws that make up the world, or the power of the gods that keep these laws normal. There are many orders such as time, creation, and destruction, and the same number of gods control them. A God of Creation will control the Order of Creation and have the mission to create the world, while a God of Destruction will control the Order of Destruction and have the mission to destroy what has been created.

Powers and Abilities

Each god possesses a vast amount of magic power, which is incomparable to the other races such as humans, demons, spirits, as most members of those races would find it unlikely to defeat a god in physical combat. Each god controls their own authority, given them power over Order of the world, thus allowing them to govern over the fundamental aspect of the world, and their authority over orders allows them to use the ability of their order in order to defend themselves. It is mentioned that a god cannot go against their own order as they are bound to it and have to fulfill their role regardless of their own personal thoughts or opinions. This means that some gods cannot actively stop using their powers, such as Abernyu, who was forced to continue to destroy other beings despite her reluctance.



They are the main members of the divine race. Each controls an order which allows them to guide part of the world's laws of nature. The orders of the gods are naturally interwoven with each other, as each fulfills an integral part in maintaining the stability of the world. If a god was truly destroyed, the integrity of the world would be put in danger, thus making gods necessary existences to ensure the stability of the world.[1]

Guardian God

While regular gods are unique and have authority over their own Order, which makes replacing them difficult, Guardian Gods (番神, Banjin) are the opposite. Rather than being one single entity, there are multiple copies of the same individual, such as Eugo La Raviaz and Egus De Rafan. They don't control their Order, but rather, protect it or the god in charge from being disturbed.


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