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Scarlet Monument King Gilisiris Dello (緋碑王ギリシリス・デッロ, Hi-hi-ō Girishirisu Derro) is one of the Four Evil Kings.


Gilisiris dresses in fancy clothes and wears a big hat. His face is nearly flat and featureless while his body looks like gel in the shape of a man. Even his gender is hard to distinguish from his appearance alone.[1]


To Gilisiris, people are nothing more than sacrifices for magic research. He believes that since everyone will die and fade away anyways, they might as well become part of the foundations of magic.

He is also someone who lays traps and other tricks instead of fighting someone head on.


Agreeing with the Hero Kanon's plan, Anos' loyal subjects and even the powerful demons who didn't get along with him moved away from Dilhade to the Great Spirit Forest Aharthern. Gilisiris, in particular, chose to go to the Spirit School because it was a great place to study magic.


Great Spirit Arc

Gilisiris was a bit surprised to meet Anos in the Spirit School after 2000 years, but soon became hostile towards him. He tries to provoke Anos into attacking first, which would infringe the school's rules, but fails, so he moves on and takes a seat in class.


  • Gelatinous Body: Gilisiris magically altered his body to make it easier for the magic emanating from his source to pass through it. Particles of magic power run through his whole body, increasing the efficiency of magic power and making it easier to use.[1]

Weapons and Equipment


Anos Voldigoad

Gilisiris greatly despises Anos, and just by looking at his face makes him sick. He sees him as a "lazy guy who is fascinated by magic but doesn't want to contribute to the advancement of magic."[1]

Zabro Gaze

His second-in-command. Like him, Zabro prioritizes research and is not above using people as test subjects.




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