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Gerad Azlema (ゲラド・アズレマ Gerado Azurema?) is a student from the Demon King Academy and a member of the Chaos Generation. He is a reincarnated demon from 2,000 years ago and the subordinate of the Curse King Kaihilam Jiste.


Gerad has curly hair and a clever-looking face. His uniform is black and has a hexagram badge.


Gerad acts and speaks very politely, as shown when bowing his head down to Anos or even apologizing to Misa when he was about to kill her.


Even before regaining his memories and power, Gerad was part of the Generation of Chaos, promising students from the Demon King Academy who might even be the Demon King's reincarnation. After the Dilhade-Azeshion war, Gerad regained the memories and power from his former life.

When the Spirit King sealed the Curse King's predominant personality and left his other personality in charge, the two were forced to do the Spirit King's bidding to get Kaihilam back. Gerad was then given half of Misa's father's sword and told to lure out Misa Ilioroagu.[2]


Great Spirit Arc

Introducing himself as a subordinate of her father, Gerad approached Misa in order to bring her to him. Because Gerad's magic levels were beyond that of the current demons, Anos recognized Gerad as a reincarnated person. Since Anos didn't fully trust Gerad, he asked him to also bring Lay along, something which Gerad granted without issue.

He brought the two to an abandoned mansion and showed them the other half of her father's sword. As he brings the sword to Misa, Gerad suddenly stabs her with it. However, Misa was unharmed because Lay had cut off the tip before anyone realized it. Gerad then reveals the Curse King as his true master and his goal — to kill Misa and take her source, who as the daughter of the Great Spirit Mother, has the power to subdue all spirits.

A fight between Gerad and Lay commences, with Gerad having the advantage because Lay was constantly falling into his manipulation. Lay is then led to believe that destroying the shield would end the curse; and when he does, his source is destroyed. However, to Gerad's surprise, Lay reveals that he has 7 sources and destroys the remaining gems. Because the sword that Gerad showed them was indeed the other half, Lay threatens to destroy Gerad's source if he didn't reveal how he obtained it; but Gerad refuses and kills himself. When Misa asks if Gerad's source was destroyed, Lay replies that Gerad had reincarnated.


  • Great Magic Power: As a demon from the Mythical Age, his magic power is very high compared to demons from the modern Magical Age.
  • Master Shield Wielder: Gerad demonstrated great skill in wielding his shield, as he was able to block numerous attacks from Lay, who is a master swordsman. He also is capable of taking advantage of his shield's cursed attribute to gain the advantage in a fight.


  • Cursed Shield Genias: A magic shield that curses the person who injures its user with the same wound and pain but doubled.


Kaihilam Jiste

His master.




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