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My name is Gazel Apt Ageila. I am a holy knight of Giordal- the Dragon God's Country and one of the Eight Gods' Selected, honored with the title of Saint!
~ Gazel to Anos

Gazel Apt Ageila (ガゼル・アプト・アゲイラ, Gazel Aputo Ageira) is the Holy Knight of the Dragon God's Country, Giordal.


Gazel is described as a bald and muscular man with a good physique. He wears a mantle and armor over it.


As a Holy Knight of Giordal, Gazel is a firm believer in the Gods and cannot tolerate those who blasphemes against the Gods, as was demonstrated during his quarrel with Anos.

He is shown to be proud of his strength and skill, but has shown to overestimate his own abilities and underestimate his enemies, especially if he deems them heretics.


Selection Judgment Arc

Gazel appeared after Anos was welcomed to the Gods's Age Science Temple Everastoanzetta, as Ahid was explaining the Selection Judgement to Anos, who proclaimed that he did not believe in Eques, which Gazel took objection too. Gazel wanted to fight Anos but Arcana put a stop to it, since they were located in the Holy Thrones room, which had a pact of non-aggression imposed on it, thus forcing Gazel to reluctantly yield.

After Anos and his group moved away from the Holy Thrones room, Gazel followed them, as he continued his quarrel with Anos, who wanted to leave but Gazel grabbed his shoulder. However, Anos threw him to the wall, injuring him and causing him to bleed, thus enraging him.

Gazel moved to summon the god he made a pact with, but Anos pierced his throat before he could complete the chant. Anos then stepped back and launched <Jio Graze> to incinerate Gazel. However, Gazel was able to summon the god, Nutella De Hiana; the Guardian Goddess of Regeneration, who healed Gazel's wounds and resurrected him.

Anos was able to quickly defeat Nutella, by combining <Jirasd> and Activity Amplification <Gagalia>, which overloaded Nutella's regeneration abilities and made her explode due to excessive regeneration.

Gazel invoked Geoseria, the God of Light, to possess him in order to acquire his power, as well as revealing his Divine Spear <Behetenos>, which he used to attack Anos with at light-speed. However Anos quickly overwhelmed him and destroyed Geoseria inside of him, to Gazel's utter shock.

Gazel then attempted to retreat, but was intercepted by Arcana, who cut of his hand and took his Allied Bead, in accordance to Ahid's directives. Gazel was shocked by Ahid's betrayal and questioned him about it. Ahid replied that he received a prophecy from Eques, in which he would inherit Gazel's will and the power of his gods, leaving him dazed and confused. As Gazel was full of despair, Ahid told him to repent to Eques, as Gazel committed suicide by stabbing himself with his own sword. However, Arcana secretly used <Silica> to make sure he could reincarnate.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a high ranking holy knight and paladin of Giordal, Gazel has a large amount of magic power. After possessing the power of Geoseria through <Azept>, his magic power increased to an immense great degree.
  • Immense Speed: Due to using <Azept> to acquire the power of Geoseria, Gazel could move at light-speed and even turn himself into a ball of light to further increase his speed and attack.
  • Expert Spearman: He is shown to be adept at wielding his Divine Spear <Behetenos>.


  • Selection God Summon <Guala Nate Forteos>: Allows the user to summon selected god for the god seat with the use of Selection Allied Beads.
  • Possession Summon <Azept>: Allows the user to become possessed by a being they have a pact with in order to strengthen themselves and utilize the summoned beings abilities.
  • Divine Tool Summoning <Presez>: Allows the user to call upon a god to possess their weapons and equipment in order to enhance them with divine power.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Divine Spear <Behetenos>: A spear which its blade contains the God of Piercing Beheus' divine order. It was crushed by Anos.[1]
  • Selection Allied Bead: An allied bead that can summon a Selection God for the god seat. Gazel used it to summon Geoseria.




  • Before his own suicide, Arcana used <Silica> to allow Gazel the opportunity to reincarnate in the future.[2]


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