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Gaios Anzem (ガイオス・アンゼム Gaiosu Anzemu?) is one of the Seven Demon Elders created by Anos Voldigoad.


Gaios is a huge man with twice the height of the average person, dark skin, thick arms, and legs knotted with muscles. He also sports a beard.



2,000 years ago, Anos created the Seven Demon Elders from his own blood, including Gaios. After Anos's sacrifice, the seven co-operated with the Hero Kanon to create the fictional Demon King Avos Dilhevia as a decoy to protect Anos when he reincarnated. Kanon then fused six of his roots with 6 out of the 7 demon elder emperors, including Gaios. He also erased their memories so that Anos wouldn't discover their plan, as the Elders could not lie to Anos.


Demon Sword Tournament Arc

As part of the Great Demon Sword Training, Gaios and Ydol Anzeo personally appeared to instruct Class 1-2. After being impressed by Anos, Gaios decided to spar with Anos, but due to Anos' cockiness, it became a two-on-two fight. Gaios was effortlessly beaten by Anos, declaring his loss.

At the conclusion of the Demon Sword Tournament, Melheis Boran ambushed the injured Anos and Lay Glanzudlii and brought them to another dimension. Melheis, Gaios, and Ydol planned on overwhelming Anos, but suddenly Gaios and Ydol are both beheaded as Anos stops time on their bodies. Lay was faking his fatal injury and took them out by surprise, Anos and Lay then worked together to defeat Melheis and bring him back to his senses. Anos managed to extract the two unknown roots inside Gaios and Ydol, but they are destroyed by an unknown masked person. Melheis then revives both of them.

Hero Academy Arc

Eiyan Hill.png

When Avos Dilhevia came back and declared war on Azeshion, Gaios was among the four Elder Demon Emperors who were on Anos' side. They followed him to Eiyan Hill, where Avos' army had built demon king castles to serve as their headquarters. While Anos headed towards the main castle, Gaios and the others stayed to fight the three Elder Demon Emperors who sided with Avos.

When everything was over, Anos teleported everyone back to Dilhade.

Great Spirit Arc


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