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Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana (霊神人剣エヴァンスマナ Reishinjinken Evansumana?) is the legendary sword created to destroy the Demon King of Tyranny Anos Voldigoad. It's said to be forged by a master craftsman, inhabited by a spirit, and blessed by the gods.


Among the 88 holy swords that exist in the world, Evansmana is the one that reigns at the top. 2,000 years ago, the only person capable of wielding Evansmana was Hero Kanon,[1] as it was stated that only those with a calm and cloudless light-filled source can wield it.[2]


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Long ago in the Silver Sea, Arzenon's Lion of Destruction from the Disaster Abyss World Evezeino attacked Water Calculation World Sailaina. Fateful Spirit King Dionatek from Sailaina joined forces with Holy Sword World Hayfolia and Blacksmith World Bardilua to oppose Evezeino. They needed a weapon to slaughter the beasts that were difficult to destroy. The original sword was forged by Bellamy Standad, the sovereign of Blacksmith World Bardilua. With the blessing of St. Evansmana from Hayfolia's Chief God, Blessed Lady Eife, Evansmana was reborn as a symbol of Hayfolia. Dionatek was a spirit born from the tradition of a god who gives a destiny suitable for a person. In order to destroy the Lion of Destruction of Arzenon, Dionatek sacrificed herself and gave herself the destiny to reside in Evansmana. She was rumored to be the second Chief God of Sailaina and actually possessed that much power which contributes to Evansmana's immense power. Furthermore, Dionatek's former power to control destinies was not lost and combined with the blessing of St. Evansmana, giving the holy sword the power to cut off even destined destinies.[3]

The sword then became the symbol of the Holy Sword World Hayfolia, as it was wielded by the legendary Holy King; Ordoff Heinriel, who used it as his main weapon to battle against the Living Disaster; Yzak. After Ordoff relinquished his title as the Holy King, he left the sword on Hayfolia so it could be wielded by the next Holy King. During that time, his son; Lebrahard Freneros, meet the Abyssal Princess of Destruction; Luna Arzenon, who wanted his help in order to sever her fate of giving birth to the Lion of Destruction by having him sever her fate with Evansmana. After taking Luna to Hayfolia, Lebrahard was able to draw Evansmana and used it to try to sever Luna's fate after the Abyss of Cravings inside of her womb went out of control. However, the clash of the two powers was intense as Evasmana slashed through the Abyss of Cravings but also broke in the process as the sword was left trapped inside of the Abyss of Cravings that was in Luna's womb as both she and the sword fell into the bubble world known as the Elenesia World.

During her stay in the Elenesia World, Luna realized that the world was coming to an end and that her new companion; Celis Voldigoad, was trying to create a unique form of magic; Syrica, which would allow them to escape the destruction of the world by reincarnating into the new world. However, the magic was incomplete due to its incompatibility with the world's order. Luna then appealed to him to use Syrica on her, by telling Celis that she believes that the Spirit God Human Sword in her womb would sever fate and allowed Syrica to become part of the new world's order and avert the fate of the Phantom Knights' destruction. Celis obliged and used Syrica on her and then himself as the two were reborn in the Militia World. However, during the reincarnation process, Evansmana was separated from her womb, as the sword fell into the world and remain there, as there was no one capable of lifting it.

Eventually, the sword would come into the possession of the humans, as the Hero Kanon was the only one capable of lifting it and wielding it, as he used it as his main weapon in his battle against the Demon King Anos, with the sword being very effective against him to to his nature as Lion of Destruction.

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Evansmana destroys Anos' Jio Graze.

  • Immense Holy Power: Evansmana is considered the most powerful holy sword in existence, as it possesses a vast amount of power. An average demon would disappear just by touching it.[4] It demonstrated the ability to easily penetrate the anti-magic barrier of a powerful demon such as Misha Necron with just the aftermath of its light, and the wounds it inflicted initially couldn't be healed by healing magic.[5] Its slash was easily able to cut through 6 Jio Graze that Anos released and the slash couldn't be fully destroyed by his Magic Eyes of Destruction, as it could only offset the slash and redirect it behind him.[4] During Lay's duel with Anos, Evansmana demonstrated the ability to easily cut through Anos' various spells and inflict numerous stigmatas on Anos himself after injuring him.[6] After Evansmana's true power was released by Lay in the Silver Water Holy Sea, Evansmana demonstrated far greater power then what could be displayed in the Militia World, as Lay was able to use it slash a Balandias Eten castleship in half with a simple slash, even though it was being protected by the Badrehia barrier (which boasts equal or greater durability then Eques' protection), as Lay was able to continuously slash away at their castleships with ease until he reached his limit due to use of Evansmana's increased power fatiguing him.[7] Lay was even capable of using Evansmana to slash though the power of the Silver Bubble Magic Bullet Zonade; which possess the power to destroy entire Silver Bubble worlds, although it is noted that the sword couldn't fully offset the power of the magic bullet and Lay was injured significantly after negating three shots simultaneously.[8]

Evansmana destroys the Demon King's source.

  • Demon King-Slaying: Evansmana was created to kill Demon King Anos, as demonstrated by its power to inflict significant damage if it slashed him, leaving stigmatas that are difficult to heal, as well as possessing the power to destroy his source. However, Anos was able to regenerate his source via Agronemut after being destroyed by Evansmana although it is implied that the reason he was able to do so was because Lay didn't use Evansmana's full power to prevent such a possibility.[9] The reason for why Evansmana is effective against Anos is because the sword was originally forged to fight against the Lions of Destruction, who terrorized the Silver Water Holy Sea, which includes Anos due to his maternal heritage.

Evansmana nullifies Anos' fate to reincarnate as the Demon King.

  • Fate Manipulation: Evansmana has the power to manipulate fate, as Kanon was able to use it to sever Anos' fate of reincarnating as the Demon King of Tyranny and change his history.[10] Evansmana demonstrated the ability to nullify the magicalized Jerga's fate of being tied to the world's order, thus allowing Lay and Anos to destroy him without any negative consequences to the world itself.[11] By utilizing its fate-severing power, Evansmana demonstrated the ability to distort the power of the Goddess of the Future Nafta, although this was ability was only effective to a particular degree due to the fact that Lay used it in Nafta's Limiting World, where she has control over the future.[12]. Evansmana was capable of temporarily stopping the Solar Eclipse of Apocalypse; Ain Ayal Naverva, by severing its fate and returning the Sun of Destruction to its original form. [13]

Kanon's six additional sources, which he acquired using Evansmana's power.

  • Source Manipulation: Evansmana has the power to interfere with sources, as it has demonstrated the ability to directly affect the sources of others with its power. By using Evansmana to cut pieces of his human soldiers, Kanon was able to use source magic, in which he excelled in, to sublimate them and crystalize them into six additional sources for himself.[14] By utilizing its fate manipulation power, Evansmana demonstrated the ability to separate Misa's source into 2 halves, with her demon half representing Misa herself, while her spirit half represented Avos Dilhevia.[12]
  • Anti-Magic Enhancement: By wrapping Evansmana's holy power around them like a blessing, the user can enhance their anti-magic capabilities to withstand ranged magical attacks, as was demonstrated when Lay was able to shrug off Anos' continuous wave of Jio Graze blasts during their duel. However, it does not prevent attacks that directly interfere with the source such as Bebesd.[6] Evansmana was able to envelop Lay in its blessing power despite him not using his own anti-magic, thus allowing him to survive being scorched by the Solar Eclipse of Apocalypse; Ain Ayal Naverva, although Lay was significantly injured in the process.[13]
  • Memory Manipulation: Evansmana possesses the ability to erase memories,[15] to the point where they cannot be recovered via magic such as Eviy[16], as Anos was only capable of restoring Ivis' memory with memories that he knew Ivis possessed.[17]

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  • First Secret <Heavenly Severing Blades> (天牙刃断 Tengahadan?): White light gathers on Evansmana before being released as a beam of light that turns into countless sword strikes, severing the fate of the target.
  • Second Secret <Space Severing Thorn> (断空絶刺 Dankūzesshi?): Envelops both the user and Evansmana in holy light before unleashing a powerful stab.
  • Fourth Secret <Heavenly Sovereign Sword> (天覇王剣 Tenhaōken?): The secret that Lebrahard released in order to sever the fate of Luna Arzenon. Evansmana was able to cut through the Abyss of Cravings, but it also broke.
  • Fifth Secret <Tide Turning Rainbow Blades> (廻天虹刃 Kaitenkōha?): Converts any attack that was blocked by Evansmana into magic power and then leaves behind rainbow blades to attack the opponent. The stronger the attack, the more magic power it obtains and the stronger the rainbow blade becomes.
    • Fifth Secret <Tide Turning Rainbow Blades Turn> (廻天虹刃・転 Kaitenkōha Ten?): The secret that releases the magic power absorbed with <Tide Turning Rainbow Blades> with a large explosion.
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Evansmana cannot affect Jerga, whose body is holy magic.

While Evansmana is an extremely effective weapon against things of demonic nature, it cannot affect things that are truly holy such as Jerga's magical body that was created by holy magic.[18]

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The sword, blessed by the gods, lost its power before the words of the Heavenly Father God, Nousgalia. However, Lay was able to unleash the secrets of Evansmana for the first time, which awakened its power once again and allowed it to reject Nousgalia's divine words.[12] It is shown that gods possess the ability to rob Evansmana from its user if the blade is brought before them as an offering[19], as Lisius Angelo Gairadite was able to steal Evansmana from Lay[20] after he presented the sword to Arcana as an offering, who then used it to create the Sword of the Almighty Livaingirma, by using Evansmana as a catalyst.[21] Evansmana also once lost its power in the Mythical Age when Anos used magic which was developed to counter the holy sword. He used Jilma to cover the sword with a black sheath which suppressed its power. It was effective the first time, but its effects were later nullified by Evansmana's evolution.[22]

It is stated that Evansmana cannot unleash its true power in a bubble world, such as the pre-evolution Militia World, as the sword's true power would be enough to completely destroy the world, so it has to limit its power to avoid causing damage.[7] However, unleashing its true power in the Silver Water Holy Sea, made Evansmana's power extremely difficult to control and began to cause immense fatigue on its wielder, especially when using its secrets. It has even caused the destruction of Lay's sources merely by holding it, until he was reduced to one source[23]. However, this weakness only applies if the user is unused to Evansmana's true power, as it is shown that a user can negate these weakness by training to use the sword in its increased level of power.

Due to the fact that it spent several million years stuck in the Abyss of Cravings, as well as being used to battle against Anos, Evansmana had accumulated a large amount of rust in the blade, which hampered its strength and weakened its power.[24][25] After the genius blacksmith Silk Muller helped remove the rust, Evansmana was able to regain it true full power.

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