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Eugo La Raviaz (エウゴ・ラ・ラヴィアズ, Eugo Ra Raviazu) is the Guardian Deity of Time.


Eugo La Raviaz has the appearance of the traditional Grim Reaper, wearing a long black cloak while wielding a scythe.


Eugo like most gods doesn't really have a personality on his own he lives to fulfil his order of time keeping it balanced and punishing those who try to disorder it.


When Anos tried to turn back time in order to save Misha, Eugo arrived to stop him from changing the past. After determining that his best option to deal with Anos was alongside Ivis Necron, he merged with Ivis and granted him both his weapon and power. Though the Ivis/Eugo fusion seemed to have the upper hand, Anos is able to turn the tides of the battle using Venuzdonoa and destroys the root of Eugo.


  • Time Manipulation: Eugo is capable of manipulating time in numerous ways, such as stopping time, accelerating time, rewinding time, cutting and erasing powers by devouring their time, healing wounds by reversing time, etc.
  • Immortality: Eugo is described as an existence that is timeless, permanent, immutable and immortal with the power of providence and invulnerability.[1]
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.[2]

Weapons and Equipment

See: Equipment

  • Time God's Scythe: A scythe with control over time. Any spells that were cut with the scythe disappear as if they never happened in the first place, because their "time" are taken away from them. This is neither anti-magic nor counter magic. It is also capable of accelerating one's lifetime to the point of decaying into nothingness.





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