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This page covers the various equipment found in The Misfit of Demon King Academy.

*Please note that this is not a complete list and some equipment are not listed.


  • Magic Tool (魔法具 Mahōgu?): An object that overflows with magical power from within. It is fundamentally different from an object that that receives its magic power from somewhere else. With certain spells, it is possible to turn a simple object into a magic tool with enough magic power.[1]
  • Demon Sword (魔剣 Maken?): A type of magic tool that is superior in strength and power to a regular sword and has special abilities. The sword itself has its own will and can only be drawn out by a suitable owner.
  • Holy Sword (聖剣 Seiken?): A holy sword is a sword blessed by the gods or inhabited by a spirit, giving them a holy radiance.[1] However, with enough magic power, Lihid can be used to give sacred power to a sword to the point that it turns into a holy sword. Holy swords are extremely rare items that cannot be made easily. Like demon swords, both are magic tools, but while demon swords are superior in quantity, holy swords are superior in quality. There are some demon swords with weak magic power but all holy swords have strong magic power. It is said that only 88 holy swords exist in the world. In addition, most holy swords have magic that seals the power of the demon race.[2]
  • Secret (秘奥 Hiō?): The true power of demon swords and holy swords is unlocked when their user unites with them. This can only be achieved when the user reaches a state of nothingness by eliminating their magic power, which would allow them to connect their source with the source of their sword. However, this is a difficult state to reach, as magic power naturally exudes from the source even when a person does nothing.[3] In addition, other weapons such as scythes and spears also possess Secrets.
    • Secret Unification (秘奥合一 Hiō Gōitsu?): A technique that superimposes the Secrets of multiple weapons. The Secrets are fused together and become more effective than using them at the same time.[4]


Demon Swords

Demon Sword Zephrid

(魔剣ゼフリード, Maken Zefurīdo)
Owner: Zepes Indu

A heirloom that was passed down in the Indu family. It was said to be a relic from the Mythical Age, born from ancient flames, and whose flames won't die out until the end of the world.[5] It has the ability to increase its user's magic power by tenfold.

Upon seeing it, Anos notices that Zephrid isn't a real demon sword, as any stick on the ground from the Mythical Age would have more magical power. A true demon sword would also have a will of its own and magic power so great that it will overwhelm its user.[5]


Reason Destroying Sword Venuzdonoa

(理滅剣ヴェヌズドノア, Rimetsuken Venuzudonoa)
Owner: Anos Voldigoad

The demon sword of Anos Voldigoad which can destroy all things in creation and manipulate reason itself.

Demon Sword Gadol

(魔剣ガドル, Maken Gadoru)
Owner: Ivis Necron

A demon sword as black as the night that inflicts wounds that cannot be healed.[6] It is an article from the Mythical Age that effortlessly tore through Anos' anti-magic barriers and flesh.


Demon Sword Initio

(魔剣イニーティオ, Maken Inītio)
Owner: Lay Glanzudlii, Misa Ilioroagu (Temporarily)

A pure white demon sword that can cut through magic formulas, thus nullifying them. While Initio is a good demon sword, it isn't very powerful by itself since it depends on the user's skills to cut through the magic formulas, making it a mediocre sword in the hands of an average user. In Lay's hands, however, it becomes a fearsome weapon that can defeat both offensive and defensive magic due to his sword skills.[7] He can also lend Initio to Misa and make her the wielder by subjugating the sword and connecting them via Gyze.[8] It was later destroyed during his duel with Anos.


Maximum Demon Sword Grajesion

(極大魔剣グラジェシオン, Kyokudai Maken Gurajeshion)
Owner: Gaios Anzem

A large demon sword that is three times as tall as Gaios. The sword was able to split the Neil mountain range in half, but it broke after striking Anos' head.[9] It was repaired by the time of Melheis' ambush.


Demon Sword of Fire Zes

(炎の魔剣ゼス, Honō no Maken Zesu)
Owner: Ydol Anzeo

A demon sword that turns the target to ashes in the blink of an eye.[9] When Zes is in its true form, flames appear on its blade.[10] It was shattered alongside Ides during Ydol's battle against Lay, but repaired by the time of Melheis' ambush.


Demon Sword of Ice Ides

(氷の魔剣イデス, Kōri no Maken Idesu)
Owner: Ydol Anzeo

A demon sword that freezes the target and shatters it to pieces.[9] Ice covers its blade when Ides reveals its true form.[10] It was shattered alongside Zes during Ydol's battle against Lay, but repaired by the time of Melheis' ambush.

Diamond Iron Sword.png

Diamond Iron Sword

(金剛鉄の剣, Kongō Tetsu no Ken)
Owner: Anos Voldigoad

A handcrafted sword forged and gifted to Anos by his father, Gusta. Anos used it throughout the Demon Sword Tournament. While the sword does not compare to the magical power of many of his other personal items, Anos treasures it the most, as it was suffused with his father's love.


Demon Sword of Water Eishias

(水の魔剣エイシアス, Mizu no Maken Eishiasu)
Owner: Krut Ludowell

A sword of water without a fixed shape cannot be destroyed, even by other demon swords. The sword is transparent and sharp, but the blade ripples as if there was water flowing.[11] Its signature move is Water Fang Linked Demon Thrust, where the demon sword turns back into liquid form and launches at the opponent.

Demon Sword of Wind Refresia

(風の魔剣レフレシア, Kaze no Maken Refureshia)
Owner: Madra Shenson

A demon sword that turns into a deadly gale when removed from its sheath.[12] It was destroyed by Lay during the Demon Sword Tournament semi-finals.

Contractual Magic Sword.png

Contractual Demon Sword

(契約の魔剣, Keiyaku no Maken)
Owner: Melheis Boran

A device that was planted on Lay's source, it will activate and destroy his source under specific conditions. In Lay's case, it will kill his source if he asks for help or if he doesn't follow orders.

Sword of Subordination.png

Demon Sword of Subordination

(隷属の魔剣, Reizoku no Maken)
Owner: "Avos Dilhevia"

A device that was implanted in Melheis' brain, forcing him to obey and turn against Anos.


Unique Sword Sigshesta

(一意剣シグシェスタ, Ichiiken Shigushesuta)
Owner: Shin Reglia (Formerly), Lay Glanzudlii

A Unique Sword changes depending on the user and it can't cut anything unless they put their mind on it. Even one stray thought or distraction and the sword won't show its true potential, it only becomes a demon sword when the user is completely focused.[7] It is also possible for the user to leave a part of themselves on the sword, thoughts and feelings, and sync with them if they ever reclaim the sword.[7][13] Since the sword responds to the user's wishes, Lay can also imbue Sigshesta with holy power.[14]


  • First Secret <Flash of Thoughtful Decision> (想断一閃 Shidanissen?): The sword releases a flash of light. The person who is cut is not wounded and does not feel pain, but is damaged.[15]
  • Second Secret <Absolute Bisection> (万魔両断 Banmaryōdan?): The sword changes its blade to specialize in cutting specific objects.[16]

Anti-Magic Sword Gablaid

(反魔剣ガブレイド, Hanmaken Gabureido)
Owner: Zeke Ozma, Zeke's allies

A demon sword that can cut through magic formulas, just like Lay's Inition, but it has far more powerful magic power.[17] It was able to destroy Anos' origin magic Rivide. Two of Zeke's allies also carried copies of Gablaid.[18]

Death Piercing Sword Gidorest

(死突剣ギードレスト, Shitotsuken Gīdoresuto)
Owner: Zeke Ozma, Zeke's allies

A sword that can only be used to pierce/stab, but it has the ability to kill sources.[18] Another two of Zeke's allies also carried copies of Gidorest.

Free Sword Garmest

(自在剣ガーメスト, Jizaiken Gāmesuto)
Owner: Ledane Aeon/Linka Theournes

A demon sword with the power of transparency, which allows it to become invisible.[19] The sword can also change its shape, material, and color to whatever the user chooses.[19] It can switch from a one-handed sword to a two-handed sword, to even a shield. The amount of the Free Sword is also "free", meaning that multiple Free Swords can exist and be used simultaneously.

Crimson Blood Magic Spear Dihiddoatem

(紅血魔槍ディヒッドアテム, Kōketsumasō Dihiddoatemu)
Owner: Eges Code

A red spear created by mixing blood with the magical power from Eges' source. This magic spear transcends space-time[20], and has no concept of "time" or "distance between opponents", and any kind of armor or speed is nothing in front of it.[21]


  • First Secret <Dimensional Impact> (次元衝 Jigenshō?): Creates multiple portals that absorb and send the target to the edge of time and space.[22]
  • Second Secret <Dimensional Flash> (次元閃 Jigensen?): Unleashes a scarlet flash with Dihiddoatem that inflict damage and sends the target beyond the edge of time and space.[22]
  • Third Secret <Inner Stab> (身中牙衝 Shinchiyūgashō?): This is a secret where countless Crimson Blood Magic Spears emerge from the target's body and protrude violently, tearing it to pieces.[22]
  • Fourth Secret <Blood Frontier Gate> (血界門 Kekkaimon?): This secret utilizes the blood shed by piercing oneself creates a huge gate. Inside the gate, time and space are distorted, and those who enter can be sent to another dimension.[20]
  • Fifth Secret <Blood Gates Spear> (血門槍 Chimonsō?): This secret blows away the opponent who touches the blood on the tip of the sword to another dimension.[20]
  • Sixth Secret <Bloodmade Spear Strike> (血中槍牙 Ketchiyūsōga?): This secret uses the blood that the user spurred out and turns into a spear, blowing away those who touch it to another dimension.[20]
  • Seventh Secret <Blood Pond Burial> (血池葬送 Chichisōsō?): This secret creates a pond with the blood you shed and gradually blowing away those immersed in it to another dimension.[20]

Edgeless Sword Cadenareios

(無刃剣カデナレイオス, Muhaken Kadenareiosu)
Owner: Shin Reglia

A demon sword that boasts unparalleled weight and strength.[3]


  • First Secret <Moment> (刹那 Setsuna?): The blade of Cadenareios does not exist in the present and slices the target from the past. The moment the sword is swung, the blade goes back in time to slash the target. [3]

Looting Sword Gilionojes

(略奪剣ギリオノジェス, Ryakudatsuken Girionojesu)
Owner: Shin Reglia

A cursed demon sword that takes away the function of what it cuts. It takes away your voice when it cuts your neck, takes away your vision when it cuts your eyes, and takes away your life when it slits your heart. Even if the wound heals, what Gilionojes has stolen will never return.[23]


  • First Secret <Deprivation> (剥奪 Hakudatsu?): The tip of Gilionojes' blade transforms into a whip-like form, which allows it move at great speeds akin to a living being, allowing the user to make several attacks at once.
  • Seventh Secret <Stolen Night Splendor> (夜奪絶佳 Yadatsuzekka?): It is a secret that cuts day and night, the weather, and natural magic circles using them.[24]

Severance Sword Deltroz

(断絶剣デルトロズ, Danzetsuken Derutorozu)
Owner: Shin Reglia

A double-edged demon sword with a sharp blade that cuts off anything if touched and a curse that consumes the magic power of the user.


  • Second Secret <Beheading> ( Zan?): Deltroz turns into a cold and beautiful blade, as it unleashes a slash that can cut down the enemy with a single blow.[25]
  • Third Secret <Absolute> ( Zetsu?): A sword secret that absorbs the magic power of the user (which can include the source itself) and turns it into a blade. This secret can shorten the lifespan of a source if used to an excessive degree.[26]
  • Fourth Secret <Certain Death> (万死 Banshi?): A flurry of slashes that rapidly increases and reaches speeds that far exceed the speed of light, reaching up to 10,000 slashes at once.[27]

God-Slashing Sword Guneodros

(斬神剣グネオドロス, Zanjinken Guneodorosu)
Owner: Shin Reglia

A demon sword that is lethal against gods and other beings that possess the attributes of gods, such as divine beasts.[28]


  • Second Secret <Grim Reaper> (死神 Shinigami?): Its blade kills gods and destroys order.[29]
  • Third Secret <Continuity> (無間 Mugen?): It continuously splits and divides the source of a god, inflicting great pain to their source.[30]
  • Seventh Secret <Non-Entity Doom> (無滅 Mumetsu?): This secret will continue to slay and destroy forever until the source is reduced to nothing. As long as the target is being destroyed, the secret can preserve the opponent's divine body, which should disappear once the source is destroyed.[31]

Gaudgimon with and without thunder.

Heavy Thunder Sword Gaudgimon

(万雷剣ガウドゲィモン, Banraiken Gaudogimon)
Owner: Celis Voldigoad / Gusta

It has the appearance of a serrated blade closely resembling thunder. The sword is infused with high magic power purple lightning electrified with its cuts turning all slashed to ash. Gaudgimon is necessary to activate the thunder attribute destruction magic; Ravia Neold Galvarizen. After Celis was defeated, his enemy; Graham, took Gaudgimon and kept it for 2,000 years but was later defeated by Anos, who wished to let the sword rest at his father's grave. Even after 2,000 years, Gaudgimon still remembered its owner, Celis, in his future reincarnation, Gusta. The sword is currently in Gusta's possession after acquiring it from his past life's grave with Anos' permission.


  • Tenth Secret <Destruction Thunder-Fire Blade> (滅刃雷火 Metsujinraika?): Unleashes a slash that then electrifies the wound that the slash leaves behind, inflicting great damage to the slashed target, to the point it can destroy them with its power alone.[32]

God-Killing Sword Shinreglia

(神殺凶剣シンレグリア, Shinsatsukikyōken Shinreguria)
Owner: Shin Reglia

Long ago, a demon sword was created by the ancestors of the demon tribe to fight against the gods. While the demon sword that continued to slay the gods gradually clarified its will, Shinreglia's wielder realized the limits of his own power and gave all of his power to Shinreglia. Then the body of Shinreglia's wielder disappeared and Shinreglia took on the body of a demon and became the Shin Reglia of the present.[33]

Stream Breaker Sword Altcorasta

(流崩剣アルトコルアスタ, Ryūhōken Arutokoruasuta)
Owner: Shin Reglia

A mysterious demon sword with a beautiful blade pattern. Its true identity is that of the Demon Sword God Halejiend, who controls all the demon swords in the Militia world, and is wandering around in search of a worthy wielder.[34]


  • First Secret <Ripple> (波紋 Hamon?): Creates a thin water mirror that reflects an object on its surface, as the object reflected will be destroyed down to its source.[34]
  • Second Secret <Wind Pattern> (風紋 Fūmon?): This secret makes Altcorasta slashes at fast speeds, like a speeding wind, and destroys the target's source.[31]
  • Fifth Secret <Sword Crest> (剣紋 Kenmon?): This secret severs a target in half after three sword patterns appear at his feet.[31]

Two Laws Sword

(二律剣, Niritsuken)
Owner: Anos Voldigoad

A jet-black demon sword formed by transforming the body of the Two Laws Tyrant via Athens and connecting his body to Anos' body via Gyze. As a result of the connection made via Gyze, the Two Laws Sword acts as a second vessel for Anos, capable of containing and controlling an enormous amount of destructive power from his source. A normal vessel would immediately perish, but because the body of the Two Laws Tyrant is extraordinarily tough, it can contain an enormous amount of Anos' destructive power. Therefore, it has extraordinary attack power. As a result of being formed from the body of the Two Laws Tyrant, the Two Laws Sword gained his unique power, Dugdara, which enables the user to directly damage the target's real body when stepping on their shadow.

Holy Swords

Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana.png

Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana

(霊神人剣エヴァンスマナ, Reishinjinken Evansumana)
Owner: Hero Kanon / Lay Glanzudlii

Among the 88 holy swords that exist in the world, Evansmana is the one that reigns at the top. It is a legendary sword made to destroy Demon King Anos. It is rumored that it was forged by a master craftsman, inhabited by a spirit, and blessed by the gods. The Hero Kanon was the only human 2,000 years ago who was chosen to wield Evansmana.[2]


Sacred Ocean Guardian Sword Bailamente

(聖海護剣ベイラメンテ, Seikaigoken Beiramente)
Owner: Ledriano Azeschen

A blue sword reminiscent of the ocean. It strengthens the magic power of the user, specifically in regards to enhancing barrier magic and water holy magic.


Great Sacred Land Sword Zele

(大聖地剣ゼーレ, Daiseichiken Zēre)
Owner: Heine Iorg, Lay Glanzudlii (Temporarily)

If Zele slashes the wounds inflicted by Zeleo, the enemy receives a stigma, a type of wound that healing magic can't heal.


Great Sacred Earth Sword Zeleo

(大聖土剣ゼレオ, Daiseidoken Zereo)
Owner: Heine Iorg, Lay Glanzudlii (Temporarily)

If Zele slashes the wounds inflicted by Zeleo, the enemy receives a stigma, a type of wound that healing magic can't heal.


Sacred Flame Ablaze Sword Garewford

(聖炎熾剣ガリュフォード, Seienshiken Garyufōdo)
Owner: Laos Jilfor

The hottest and most holy sword out of 88 holy swords. The magic power of this holy sword is even said to be the flame that created the sun.


Holy Sword of Light Enhale

(光の聖剣エンハーレ, Hikari no Seiken Enhāre)
Owner: Zeshia Bianca, Diego Kanon Ijaysica

A sword that rejects all demon power. Its characteristic is to duplicate itself using the holy light from the original, allowing all 10,000 Zeshia's to the same holy sword.

Jerga's Holy Sword.png

Great Holy Sword

(大聖剣, Daiseiken)
Owner: Jerga

A giant holy sword that was created by the magic, Jerga, which is capable of destroying sources, including Anos'. Because it was created by the same magic that turned Jerga into a world order, the sword embodies the concept of "condemning demons" as well.

Protector God Sword Rolostoarm

(護神剣ローロストアルマ, Goshinken Rōrosutoaruma)
Owner: Hero Graham

A holy sword blessed by the Goddess of Barriers; Rinoloros. It was owned by Hero Graham and was annihilated by Celis Voldigoad who used Ravia Neold Galvarizen to destroy it.

Holy Feelings Multiplier Sword Exneisis

(聖想重剣エクスネイシス, Seisōjū Ken Ekusuneishisu)
Owner: Kasim

A large greatsword that is several times larger than an ordinary sword. The sword possesses the power to produce one feeling or multiple others. It can be used to amplify the feelings provided to the user via Asc thus further increasing the user's power while using it. Kasim demonstrated the ability to duplicate the feeling produced by Exneisis via implanting the Duplication God Auslavia into the sword by Presez, as well as overlaying the feelings produced via the power of the holy sword. This allows Kasim to use Asc and the spells that rely on it by himself.[35]

Soaring Scarlet Light Sword Enhaletia

(緋翔煌剣エンハレーティア, Hishōkōken Enharētia)
Owner: Zeshia Bianca

A sword that is a retrained version of the Holy Sword of Light Enhale, which was retrained for Zeshia by Bellamy Standad. Unlike Enhale, the Enhaletia replicated by the "Duplicating Magic Mirror" move as if they each have a will of their own.[36]

Spirit Swords

Sheila Spirit Sword.png

Spirit Sword Sheila

(精霊剣シーラ, Seireiken Shīra)
Owner: Lay Glanzudlii

A sword created when Sheila Glanzudlii, Lay's foster mother, changes into her true form. It is born from the rumor of a sword forged by a master craftsman, imbued with power other then magic power, thus allowing for great sharpness and other abilities.

Treasure Sword Ailearrow

(宝剣エイルアロウ, Hōken Eiruarou)
Owner: Spirit King

A spirit sword created by a spirit that seals the target of a pentagram slash into a jewel.

Everlasting Sword Gielia

(不折剣ジエリヤ, Fusetsuken Jieria)
Owner: Lay Glanzudlii

A spirit sword created by a spirit born from a rumor and tradition that it can never be broken.

Divine Weapons

Time God's Scythe manga.png

Scythe of the Timekeeper

(時神の大鎌, Tokigami no Ōgama)
Owner: Eugo La Raviaz

A silver scythe with control over time. Any spells that are cut with the scythe disappear as if they were never casted in the first place, because their time is rewound. This is neither anti-magic nor negation by an attack spell. The scythe is also capable of accelerating one's lifetime to the point of decaying into nothingness. It is the only object that is capable of manipulating the time of the Keeper of Time, allowing the Keeper to freeze any attempts of harm and undo any damage that has occurred to them.

Divine Sword Rodoyuie

(神剣ロードユイエ, Shinken Rōdoyuie)
Owner: Nousgalia

A divine sword that is manifested when Nousgalia transforms his divine flames into a blade. He can create numerous "Rodoyuie" from his flames that he can launch as projectiles.

Divine Snow Sword Rokoronot

(神雪剣ロコロノト, Kami Yuki Ken Rokoronoto)
Owner: Arcana

A divine sword that was created from a snowy moonflower. It possesses the power to freeze everything it touches, including magic.

Anos vs Ahide.jpg

Sword of the Almighty Livaingirma

(全能者の剣リヴァインギルマ, Zennōsha no Ken Rivaingiruma)
Owner: Anos Voldigoad (Formerly), Arcana

A divine sword created by Arcana. If one were to pull it out from its sheath, their source from the present, past, and future would instantly be erased from existence permanently. The true power of this weapon is that it can cut through anything no matter how indestructible it may be. Anos was able to use this sword by using Venejiara. Venejiara allows the sword to be sheathed and unsheathed simultaneously, keeping the wielder's source safe and allowing the wielder to fight with Livaingirma. Arcana later became capable of creating the sword without any kind of material as a catalyst and was able to wield it and not be destroyed by it due to the power of her authority, which negated the negative effects of the sword.[37]

Divine Spear Behetenos

(神槍ベヘテノス, Kami Yari Behetenosu)
Owner: Gazel Apt Ageila

A spear that contains the God of Piercing Beheus' divine order. It was crushed by Anos.[38]

Ln vol 8.jpg

Disorder Falsification Divine Scythe Befenguzdogma

(乱竄神鎌ベフェヌグズドグマ, Ranzanshinren Befenuguzudoguma)
Owner: Graham

A black scythe with a large, crooked blade that bears an eerie appearance. As it was created by directly transforming the God of Frenzy Aganzon into a weapon, it can utilize the god's order, similarly to Venuzdonoa. While Venuzdonoa can utilize the order of destruction to destroy all things in creation, Befenguzdogma can utilize the order of falsification to distort reality to achieve desired results. With this weapon, it is possible to land an attack that should've been impossible, by distorting reality into making the attack that originally missed, land. With this weapon, Graham was able to kill Celis Voldigoad, as well as put up a fight against Anos Voldigoad and destroy Venuzdonoa.


  • First Secret <Chaotic Wheel> (乱車輪 Ransharin?): The scythe is thrown as a projectile that spins like a wheel, which inflicts continuous damage to the target until it is destroyed.[39]

Life Birthing Shield Avolherian

(生誕命盾アヴロヘリアン, Seitanmeijun Avuroherian)
Owner: Wenzel

The signature weapon of Wenzel. It is a shield that is entirely composed of sources and has the ability to regenerate itself by continuously recreate the sources that compose the shield anew after death or destruction.

Deepening Thought Wand Bostum

(深化考杖ボストゥム, Shinkakōjō Bosutumu)
Owner: Dilfred

The signature weapon of Dilfred. It is a wand that creates Abyssal Grass Thorns (深淵草棘 Shinensōkyoku?) which can restrain enemies and absorb their magic power, as well as pierce and destroy magical formulas.[40]

Withering Death Sword Gzelami

(枯焉刀グゼラミ, Koentō Guzerami)
Owner: Anahem

The signature weapon of Anahem. It is a divine sword able to pass through anything and slashes only the source. A single cut is fatal and will cause the source to burst into flames and disintegrate into white grains of sand.

Divine Flute of Change Ideedroend

(転変神笛イディードロエンド, Tenpenshinteki Idīdoroendo)
Owner: Gyetenaros

The signature weapon of Gyetenaros. It takes the form of a long flute that, depending on the song that the user plays, it can produce a variety of phenomena by changing the environment, such as wind and thunder. It is also demonstrated the ability to transmute objects into the weapons of the other Fundamental Gods such as the Deepening Thought Wand Bostum and Withering Death Sword Gzelami, as the flute can create up to hundred copies at once, although it is noted that such creations are weaker then the real weapons and are created by Ideedroend's ability and Gyetenaros' authority.

Gear Sword Vertexfemblem

(車輪剣ベルテクスフェンブレム, Sharinken Berutekusufenburemu)
Owner: Eques

A huge divine longsword with a geared blade, created by Eques by reassembling the remnants of the Gear of Fate. It contained great power as it was able to cut through Anos' left arm and scrape his bone, although it was destroyed by Gilieriam Naviem, as a result of the immense magic power emitted.[41]

Other Weapons

Shadow Sewing Dagger

(影縫いの短剣, Kage Nui no Tanken)
Owner: Lay Glanzudlii

It is used to pin a person's shadow in place and they can only move in the range of the shadow. Magic is also rendered useless.

Cursed Shield Genias

(魔盾ゲニアズ, Matate Geniazu)
Owner: Gerad Azlema

A small shield with blue jewels embedded into each of the four corners. It is a magical tool that curses the person who injures its user with the same wound and pain but doubled. Because of the curse, injuries caused by the shield won't heal. In addition, if an opponent damages the shield enough to destroy one of the gems, their source is destroyed as well.




(王笏, Ō Shaku)
Owner: Melheis Boran, Sasha Necron (Formerly)

A scepter that belongs to Anos and contains an enormous amount of magic power.[42] It enhances the effects of Gyze.

Phoenix Robe.png

Phoenix Robe

(不死鳥の法衣, Fushichō no Hōe)
Owner: Sasha Necron

A robe woven from the feathers of the divine bird Phoenix. Although it grants the benefits of immortal flames to its wearer, those who are not suitable will be burned out.[42] The robe grants immortality to its wearer and it will heal their wounds as many times as possible as long as their magic power does not run out.

Lotus Leaf Ice Ring.png

Lotus Ice Ring

(蓮葉氷の指輪, Hasuhagōri no Yubiwa)
Owner: Misha Necron

A ring that enhances ice magic. The chill it gives off is said to blanket the Seven Seas with ice sheets the shape of lotus leaves.[42]

Demonic Absorption Bracelet.png

Spirit Drain Ring

(吸魔の円環, Kyūma no Enkan)
Owner: Melheis Boran

It continuously absorbs the magic power of the person wearing it, making it impossible for a normal person to use magic. It is a magical tool from the Mythical Age, and the magic absorbed can be sent somewhere else.

Selection Allied Bead

(選定の盟珠, Sentei no Mei Tama)
Owner: Eight Gods' Selected of the Selection Judgment

An Allied Bead that can summon a Selection God for the god seat.

Hourglass of Blazing Death

(熾死の砂時計, Shishi no Sunadokei)
Owner: Eldemade Dityjon

A two-sided magic tool that turns into a curse that kills lives when used on enemies, and a blessing that saves lives when used on allies.[43]


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The Misfit of Demon King Academy