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From the very beginning, yes, from the moment you decided to face the world(I), your destiny has been decided. The only thing you can change is which path will lead you to despair.
~ Eques to Anos[1]

Eques (エクエス, Ekuesu) is the God of Gears as well as the Chief God of the Militia World, who was born as a result of Graham's machinations.


While hiding in the Azure Sky of the Gods, Eques did not manifest in physical form, instead just existing as an abyss of light that represented the world. However, after Anos stared at it with his Dark Purple Magic Eyes, he revealed his true form.

In his true form, Eques takes the appearance of a humanoid being which is entirely made up of gears, as his entire body, including his hands, his feet, his torso, and his head are made up of connected gears.


As a god, Eques has shown to have a strong belief in the fact that the gods guide the world through maintaining order. However, due to the fact that he is meant to the Chief God of the Militia World, Eques has proclaimed that the world is in fact him, as he would determine the fate of those that inhabit it. Due to his vision of a world dominated by the gods order, which he would command, he has a strong hatred towards anything that would disrupt it, such as misfits like Anos.

Eques is shown to be highly arrogant in his power and authority, as he would often mock and belittle others for attempting to challenge order, as he would ridicule them for fighting him while trying to save the world, when the world in question would be actually him. His belief in order is such that he cannot comprehend a situation where the order of the gods is overturned, leaving him in a state of shock and confusion.

He is highly sadistic, as he targeted Anos' parents in order to use them as hostages and make Anos suffer. He also has very little regard for any life that he deems to be unneeded in his vision of the world, as was shown when he prepared to destroy the many inhabitants of the world in order to balance the order of destruction.

He is also shown to be very manipulative, as he tempted the humans of Azeshion to turn against the demons in Dilhade, by trying to take advantage of their fear of being destroyed, as well as goading them by proclaiming that they once stood on the "righteous" side of order alongside the gods against the Demon King and the demons during the Great War, as he offered to spare them if they allied with him against the demons.


Eques has existed in countless worlds that preceded the Militia World, as an unformed consciousness that has guided the those worlds in hopes of getting them to evolve and allow him to be created. It is stated that he influenced the fate of those worlds and destroyed countless misfits that inhabited them, incorporating them into the gears of the world. He also was able to drain and store a large amount of Fire Dew from those worlds before they were destroyed and recreated.

Eventually, due to the result of Graham's tampering of the Selection Judgment by the authority of the Frenzy God Agazon, Graham was able to rewrite the authority of the Balance God Elrorarierom, and gather all of the authorities of the destroyed gods in the recreated form of Elrorarierom, which was being remade with the power of Agazon and Gigerica, inside of Viaflare's womb. While initially, it was presumed that he was destroyed by Eges after he stabbed Viaflare's womb with Dihiddoatem and send to beyond space/time, it was revealed that the newly-formed Eques was able to survive due to the authorities of the gods inside of his as he was able to make his way to the Azure Sky of the Gods and make his domain there.


  • Gear of Fate <Vertexfemblem>: Eques's authority. It manifests as a divine magic device, which he strengthened by the Fire Dew that he stole from the Azure Sky and previous worlds. It allows Eques to influence the world and guide its fate to his own liking, as it creates a pre-determined fate set before everything and even going back in time before the creation of the world would be unable to stop this order. It also grants him the power to manipulate time, just as the past and future will never intersect, opponents are left behind in the past unable to catch up with Eques in the future.[2]
  • Immense Magic Power: As a god, he possesses immense magic power, having a near bottomless magic pool that can only be used up when doing something of extraordinary magnitude. Eques is considered the strongest god in the Militia World due to the fact that he was created as the Chief God of the Militia World. He demonstrated enough power to fight Anos for a significant period of time and even endure being hit with Egil Grone Angdroa multiple times (although Anos was suppressing power in order to not destroy the world).[3]
  • Authority Accumulation: Due to being created by the combined orders of multiple gods that were destroyed during the Selection Judgment, Eques possesses the ability to utilize their authorities as his own, thus granting him the power to use their abilities, as demonstrated when he utilized Agazon's falsification authority.[4] However, he loses access to each individual authority when he recreates a god as his servant, as he has to relinquish that order for them to regain their authority.[1]
  • Pseudo-God Creation: Eques possesses the ability to recreate any god whose order he contains as a collection of gears, that is controlled by him. They are stated to be puppets made from gears, although they do contain the power and authority of the god that was recreated.[4]
  • Divine Gear Control: Due to his ability to interfere with the divine gears embedded in each god, Eques has the ability to influence the gods to a slight degree, as was demonstrated when he was able to subtly influence Militia into removing Abernyu from Anos' memory. After gaining a proper form, this ability was strengthened as he was able to gain control over the resurrected Militia and Abernyu, thus making the god sisters his servants, by taking control of the divine gears inside of their bodies.[5]
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.[6] Eques is stated to be the will of the world and if he is destroyed, then the world would collapse with his destruction.[7]


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Anos Voldigoad

Eques hates Anos due to him being a misfit that disrupts the order of the gods, as he sought to eliminate him as the so-called "foreigner of the world", with him going out of his way in order to try to take sadistic delight in seeing Anos suffer. During their duel, he admitted that Anos is the strongest misfit that he had ever seen, though he still remain confident in his power. After Anos destroyed the Gear of Fate and brought Eques to the brink of death, he grew terrified of Anos and pleaded for him to stop after Anos stated that he would change Eques in a waterwheel of hope.


  • Eques can be considered a reincarnation of the God of Balance; Elrorarierom.
  • Eques speaks in an ancient dialect, as he has a habit of referring to others as "thou" when speaking to others.


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