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There's only Hell waiting for liars like you
— Anos to Emilia Ludowell

Mother's Words (母の言葉 Haha no Kotoba?) is the seventh episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy anime series.


Anos resolves to defeat the Royalists no matter what tricks they have up their sleeve. He uses the sword received from his father Gusta to fight in his first match in the Magic Sword Tournament. Meanwhile in the dressing room, Lay clutches his chest. Sensing that something is wrong with Lay, Anos speculates that somebody is controlling Lay and a hostage may be involved. Who is conspiring to control the Magic Sword Tournament from behind the scenes?


Anos easily defeats Krut.

Anos easily defeats Krut Ludowell, angering Emilia who is his sister. This is followed by Lay winning his match, which also announces his association with a Royalist organization. Backstage, Anos and Lay confront each other when Anos notices something is wrong, Lay is held hostage by a Contractual Demon Sword. After he wins his next match, Anos gives his mother his sword. Anos and Misa then head to the Lognorth Magic Clinic, where they meet Sheila Glanzudlii, Lay's adoptive mother who has Spirit disease. She talks about Lay's past and reveals that he is being controlled by the Royalists. To help Sheila, Anos creates a new magic spell, and Misa volunteers to use it.

Emilia trying to steal the sword.

Meanwhile, Emilia confronts Anos' mother and the Anos Fan Union to steal Anos' sword in order to disqualify him. She attacks them with Golzora, but the fan union use magic to protect Izabella at the cost of getting severely burned. When Anos arrives, he paralyzes Emilia and then casts Ent to heal all the girls and his mother. Anos then asks each girl for their name and expresses his gratitude, stating how he is indebted to them for protecting his mother.

Anos stabs Emilia.

Afterward, he angrily teleports Emilia to the Arena where he stabs her with a sword, inflicting a mortal wound. He humiliates her by making her beg for her life and having her openly acknowledge him as the true Demon King of Tyranny. He then kills her for not being true to her acknowledgment. He immediately uses Azheb to resurrect her as a hybrid in order to see this country from a different perspective. He also puts a curse on her so that when she dies, she will always be resurrected as a hybrid.

Back at the hospital, Lay stops Misa to protect her life force. He then has a conversation with his adoptive mother where she tells him to live his life the way he wants to. Lay leaves before Anos can return. The next day, Anos and Lay face each other in the finals.






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Adaptation Notes

  • The spell Golzora is original to the anime, as Emilia uses Gusgam in the novel.
  • Anos' torture of Emilia is toned down in the anime, with Anos not threatening to turn her into a poisonous rice worm.


  • Anos literally defeats Krut Ludowell in under one minute (even in the video player).


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