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I'll finish you off in one minute
— Anos to Krut Ludowell

Magic Sword Tournament (魔剣大会 Maken Taikai?) is the sixth episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy anime series.


In recognition of their accomplishments in the team competition exam, Anos welcomes Lay and Misa to his team. The team gathers at Anos’ home to celebrate, but shortly after, Lay and Anos are announced as participants in the Magic Sword Tournament. Lay rejoices at the chance for a rematch with Anos, but Anos suspects that there is an ulterior motive. The situation escalates when Misa takes Anos to meet one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors, Melheis Boran.


The dinner at Anos's house

After the duel, Anos invites Lay and Misa to his home for dinner alongside Sasha and Misha. There, he welcomes them to his team while his parents enthusiastically celebrate his victory. After dinner, Izabella and Gusta tell the Necron sisters about Anos' difficult birth and the reason why they support everything he does. Outside, Lay asks Misa if she is feeling well, as he heard that half-spirit half-demons don't live long.

Melheis Boran kneeling before Anos.

The next day, Emilia announces that two students have been chosen as competitors for the Magic Sword Tournament: Lay and Anos. Anos suspects there is some kind of ulterior motive. Later, Anos meets Melheis Boran, one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors, who claims that while his memories were erased, he is confident Anos is the Demon King of Tyranny. He remembers escaping to the Great Spirit Forest but cannot return to Dilhade due to the walls.

Anos decided to participate in the tournament.

To thank Misha for making his favorite dish for dinner, Anos takes her on an outing the next day. After making magic models, they visit a cat cafe and meet with Ivis, who is using the disguise of a cat. He tells Anos that someone above Melheis is actually in control of the Unitarians. On the day of the tournament, Ivis tells Anos some more information that he has uncovered. As such, Anos decides to not participate. However, after he realizes how much his parents believe in him, Anos changes his mind and takes on the tournament's previous winner, Krut Ludowell.






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Adaptation Notes

Differences from the light novel:

  • In the light novel, Misha wears new clothes she knew Anos liked. The anime, however, has Misha wear the same outfit that she wore on the day of the entrance exam.
  • In the anime, the one who got surprised by Anos's Magic Model was Melissa, the shopkeeper. But in the light novel, it was the legendary appraiser Demil Graha.


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