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There's only one sword in this world that I can't pull out
— Anos to Sasha Necron

The Transfer Student (転入生 Ten'nyūsei?) is the fifth episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy anime series.


Shortly after Anos’ encounter with Misha and Sasha as well as his battle with Ivis, a transfer student named Lay enters the Demon Academy. As the Master of the Magic Sword and powerful enough to defeat the Seven Elder Demon Emperors, Lay makes it clear that he wants to join a team with a capable leader, and requests to join Anos’ team. However, Anos refuses and proposes to Lay that, “If you prove that you are worthy, I will allow you to become one of my followers.” Lay decides to form his own team and battles head-to-head with Team Anos during the team competition exam.


Shin kneeling before Anos.

2,000 years ago, Anos and his subordinates invaded the Great Spirit Forest Aharthern in order to find the Great Spirit Reno. Anos's right-hand man, Shin Reglia, won a bet with Anos by defeating the Great Water Spirit Lignon with one blow, obtaining his permission to reincarnate. When Kanon appeared, Anos ordered Shin to go find Reno while he dealt with Kanon.

Misa informs Anos about the Unitary.

In the present, Emilia announces that a royal student famous for his sword skills is transferring into the academy. When she gives the score for the dungeon exam, Anos thwarts the teacher's attempt to sabotage his score by finding the missing scepter. Misa Ilioroagu, a classmate, defends Anos by arguing that Emilia would've handled it differently if Anos was a royal, causing the teacher to remind her that Unitarian campaigns were prohibited on campus.

After class, Misa meets with Anos and tells him about the Unitarians, whose goal is to form a fair society instead of one where royalty can abuse hybrids. Anos is intrigued to learn that Melheis Boran, another Elder Demon Emperor, is a Unitarian. Anos also learns that Misa's father was a royal, but she never met him because it can't be known that a royal has a hybrid daughter. However, he was able to send her half a demon sword on her 10th birthday, as a symbol that it will become whole when royals and hybrids can reunite. Anos decides to let Misa and her Unitarian classmates join his team if they prove themselves.

Anos fighting Lay.

The academy begins demon sword lessons where Anos and the transfer student, Lay Glanzudlii, are the only ones strong enough to wield demon swords. Lay asks to join Anos's team, disregarding his own royal status despite Emilia's protests. Anos refuses and tells Lay and Misa to challenge him in the next team battle. In the exam, Misha and Sasha defeat Misa and the Anos Fan Union. Anos holds his own against Lay using just a tree branch while Lay starts to remember having dueled Anos before. Anos finally claims victory and becomes convinced that Lay is Shin's reincarnation. Lay promises to defeat Anos in their next duel.






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Adaptation Notes

Differences from the light novel:

  • The part where Anos retrieves his staff is toned down in the anime. In the light novel, Anos plunges his arm into the thief to take back his staff, causing the student to fall to the ground. Anos then steps on his head, asking him if he thought he would be okay after stealing from him.
  • In the anime, Lay first appears in the Demon Sword Training Lesson and not in the classroom.
  • In the light novel, both Gaios and Ydol are able to fight with their respective opponents, resulting in their demon swords being shattered. But in the anime, the two demon emperors were effortlessly knocked out and thus their swords were left intact.


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