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Live! Until the day that the Demon King returns!
— Anos to Dilhade's soldiers

Let the World Be Filled With Love (世界が愛に満ちるように Sekai ga Ai ni Michiru Yō ni?) is the thirteenth episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy anime series.


Everything started two thousand years ago. The situation suddenly shifts when the true identity of the man in the black mask, Avos Dilhevia, is revealed. Even after two thousand years, the wounds caused by the endless conflict between demons and humans have not been healed. The Demon King of Tyranny, Anos Voldigoad, makes a choice...




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Adaptation Notes

Differences from the light novel:

  • In the web novel, Anos only used Bebesd to destroy Lay's six sources. But in the anime, Anos used many spells to destroy them, making it look as if ordinary spells could destroy the source while inside a person.
  • Misa's Fusca was given emphasis in the web novel. Because it was the same spell Lignon used 2,000 years ago, Jerga thought that even the spirits sided with the demons.
  • In the light novel, Anos used Asc to replenish his magic power after summoning his castle Delsgade in order to summon Venuzdonoa.
  • The part where Anos asks Lay about the other Avos Dilhevia mask, which Lay has no knowledge of, is omitted.


  • It is a mystery how Jerga came to know about the existence of Venuzdonoa, as those who saw it died without even leaving their sources.


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