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Surely, you didn't think you'd only die once in your lifetime, right?
— Anos to Zepes

The Misfit of Demon King Academy (魔王学院の不適合者 Maō Gakuin no Futekigōsha?) is the first episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy anime series.


"Listen up, my beloved descendants. Your founding ancestor has returned." The most powerful Demon King in history, Anos, known for his tyrannical rule 2000 years ago, has been reincarnated. Entrance exams are being held at the Demon King Academy where they train his descendants to be his successor and become Demon Lords. The entrance exam is a practical test where students must duel each other. Bored of the war-torn world of 2000 years ago, the tyrannical Demon King, Anos, appears on the scene.


Anos and other students receive letters from an owl inviting them to the Demon King Academy, the school that nurtures the descendants of the Founder, the Demon King of Tyranny.

Zepes' Gresde

On the day of the entrance exam, Anos meets Misha Necron, another student who is also embarrassed because of the encouraging words from her guardian. When they arrive at the entrance, they are mocked by Zepes, a famous demon from the Indu Family. Anos completely ignores him, causing him to get angry and attempt to burn them with Gresde. However, Anos easily blows out the flame like a match flame and makes Zepes repent using the power of his words.

At the practical exam, Anos' opponent is revealed to be Zepes and they fight. Zepes uses a demon sword that was passed down in his family, Zephrid, and tries attacking Anos with it. But Anos easily dodges it and puts out the flame from the sword with ease again. He then tells Zepes that he will give himself a handicap and won't move from his spot. Suddenly, Zepes' blood starts spurting out, as Anos infused magic into his heartbeat to attack him. Zepes tells him he will never surrender and that he can only make him surrender using compulsion magic.

Arena in Silence after hearing Anos' joke.

To make things interesting, Anos tells him that he won't use such magic, and then disintegrates Zepes with a finger flick. Anos quickly revives him and keeps killing him, declaring that he could keep reviving him due to Ingall's "three-second rule". Growing scared with each death, Zepes eventually surrenders.

At the magical assessment, Misha gets 100,246 while Anos destroys the crystal due to his potent magic power, receiving a 0. Next, at the aptitude test, students are questioned about the Demon King of Tyranny.

Anos' mother thinks that Misha is Anos' wife.

After the test, Misha waits for Anos at the entrance and he invites her to his house. He uses Gatom to teleport them there, surprising Misha since it was a lost magic from the Mythical Age. At his house, Anos' parents quickly jump to conclusions and are very delighted that he brought home a "wife", so Anos says that he will clear up the misunderstanding later. The four eat mushroom gratin, which is Anos' favorite food to celebrate his acceptance into the academy.

Later, as Anos and Misha walk outside, an arena begins to form around them with Iris. They run into another Royal, Zepes' older brother, Leorg Indu. Zepes excitedly announces that his brother will defeat Anos, but Leorg kills Zepes with magic, stating that his family had no need for a weakling like Zepes. Leorg then begins to prepare magic circles with his group of Royals. However, their magic power runs out of control and the group explodes.

Leorg Using Origin Magic.

Leorg successfully avoids death by containing his magic and prepares to use the highly risky spell, Jirasd. He attacks Anos with it but is stunned when the dust clears and Anos stands there unharmed. Anos explains that Origin Magic does not work on the origin itself, as Leorg used the Demon King of Tyranny as its origin, and then proclaims himself as the Demon King of Tyranny, which no one believes. Leorg is angered that Anos is making light of the Founder's great deeds, so Anos replies "How is talking about myself making light of my great deeds".

Anos begins wondering about the brotherly bonds in this Magical Age and tells Leorg that he will give him a chance due to risking his life for a dangerous spell earlier. He then uses Igram to revive Zepes, who proceeds to attack Leorg as revenge for killing him. Anos tells Leorg to call out his brother's name and prove their bond as brothers, but Leorg isn't successful. He yells out at the last moment and is killed due to their lack of brotherly bonds.

Leorg and Zepes wonder who Anos is.

Anos then remarks on the flimsy bonds of brothers in the current era and revives both Indu brothers, before destroying the arena. Then, as Zepes and Leorg wonder who Anos is, Anos declares that he is the Demon King of Tyranny.

Anos enters his new class and makes another terrible joke. He also wonders why people are staring at him, so Misha tells him that it's due to his badge, which has a cross on it. This labels him as a "misfit", making him the Misfit of the Demon King Academy.



Adaptation Notes

Differences from the light novel:

  • The whole scene where Misha drops her envelope and Anos picks it up for her is original to the anime.
  • The fight with Leorg is moved to the end:
    • Zepes Fight → Leorg Fight → Magic Power and Aptitude Exams → Bringing Misha home to meet his parents → Leorg Fight
  • Leorg builds the arena using Iris, which is later destroyed completely, as opposed to always being there.
    • The arena does suffer some damage in the novel, but during Leorg's Jirasd and not at the end of his fight with Anos.
  • The practical exam was changed to one victory instead of five, allowing Anos to take the next exams right after defeating Zepes.
  • In the light novel, the fight with Leorg was an official match for Anos' practical exam, but it is relegated to an out-of-school fight in the anime.
    • Because of this, there is no owl supervisor that warns the spectators of Leorg's highly risky spell in the anime.


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