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Ennesuone (エンネスオーネ, Ennesuōne) is a mysterious girl who waited for Anos and his friends at the other side of the Gates of God's Realm.


Ennesuone wears the clothes that the gods usually wear. She has light pink hair and has pretty wings on her head.



In the aftermath of the Great War, Militia realized that the peace that was created was an unstable one that could collapse at any moment, so ensure a stable and peaceful world, she created Ennesuone, a living order that was meant to make the world more loving and kinder. However, because this went against her own order, Militia was unable to return to the Azure Sky of the Gods, with Ennesuone being only partially created as a source fetus. Militia then used her authority to send Ennesuone to the Azure Sky in order to have her be fully born with the aid of Wenzel, the Goddess of Birth, who was Militia's best friend. Wenzel took Ennesuone into her care, but the knowledge of Ennesuone's existence reached the other gods, who began to view her as an aberration and began to try to eliminate her, such as Andelk; the Goddess of Abortion.


  • Order of Nativity: Ennesuone's true nature and power is that she is a divine order created to operate the magic of Source Womb <Eleonore>. Her order is stated to be against the current order of the world, which is why she initially couldn't be fully created. Ennesuone's order allows from the creation of life that is not bound and limited by the orders of the other gods[1], as she would utilize the vast magic power of Demon King Anos to serve as a fuel to which to create new life.[2]


  • Source Nativity <Ennesuone>: A magic spell that releases the upper limit of sources that can be created in the world.
  • Source Nativity Womb <Ennesuone Eleonore>: While originally the amount of sources created by Source Womb <Eleonore> is fixed, by combining it with the power of Source Nativity <Ennesuone>, this magic spell that releases the upper limit of sources that can be created by the Source Womb <Eleonore> and amplifies magic power without limit. While in theory it allows the user to gain infinite magic power, the user's vessel would not be able to handle such immense power and would destroy themselves, as the the limit is 100,000 pseudo-sources that can be created at once. It can be activated by the cooperation of Eleonore and Ennesuone.
  • Feather Light Barrier Sanctuary <Enne Igelia>: A magic spell that amplifies the magical power of the Source Womb <Eleonore> and creates a barrier with countless feathers that scatter. It can be activated by the cooperation of Eleonore and Ennesuone.


Zeshia Bianca

Ennesuone treats Zeshia like a sister.



  • While Militia is considered as Ennesuone's creator and mother, she also considers Wenzel and Eleonore as her mothers as well.
  • Ennesuone considers Anos to be her father due to the fact that her order instills that feeling inside her, as Anos was instrumental in helping her be born.


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