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Big Tree Eniyunien (エニユニエンの大樹, Eniyunien no Daiki) is the Spirit School Building.


As the name suggests, he is the building of the big tree, the spirit school building itself. Here, they teach about various spirits and their history. There are all kinds of other lessons, but the one that is compulsory is the spirit lesson.


  1. Once entered the big tree Eniyunien, you will be enrolled in the spirit school.
  2. You can't leave until you graduate after taking a spirit class. They have all the food, clothing and shelter, so no need to be worried about that.
  3. It is prohibited to hurt or detain others by violence. If you disobey it, you will received an appropriate punishment. As of now, you will be challenged to overcome the back of the long snake Epiteo.
  4. Eniyunien will occasionally ask questions about spirits. If you answer it brilliantly, it will be added to your grades. In addition to that, there are quizzes and trials of spirits, so it is a mechanism to get grades.
  5. The students who achieved excellent grades will graduate. As a memorial, Eniyunien will give you a graduation mark. With it, you can freely enter and exit Aharthern.
  6. You can still take classes after graduate.
  7. Eniyunien will judge whether you receive an excellent result or not based on his long-standing intuition.
  8. You can learn anything here.
  9. If you get a failing point here, you will be disappear mysteriously, so be careful.
  10. After a few quizzes, the best performers can move on to the trials of the spirits. Students who have passed the trials of the spirits will have an audience with the spirit king. If you pass the trial of the spirit king, you may graduate as it is.




  • Magic Space: There is a swamp inhabited by the long snake Epiteo inside Eniyunien.
  • Magic Eyes: Eniyunien has excellent magic eye to detect injustice as a characteristic of the Spirit of Education. Its power increases even more in his body.[1]



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