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Emilia Ludowell (エミリア・ルードウェル, Emiria Rūdoweru) was a pure-blood royal and the homeroom teacher of Anos' class. After attempting to hurt Anos' mother, she was turned into the very mixed-blood demons she had loathed.

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She now serves as the school director of the Hero Academy, after her reincarnation as a mixed-blood.
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Emilia is a young adult woman with long light purple hair which she keeps in a bun.

After her reincarnation, Emilia appears slightly younger, possessing long brown hair and matching eyes.


Emilia is proud of being royalty and is not happy about Anos, a mixed-blood, being extremely powerful. Emilia has been willing to give her students an opportunity to prove themselves, from time to time. When choosing teams within the class, Anos wasn't supposed to be a team leader due to his mixed blood. However after losing a bet to him, she allowed him to be a team leader. Despite acknowledging his skill, she still felt like Anos, as a mixed blooded demon had no business questioning or surpassing pure-blooded demons, and was willing to sabotage him to satisfy her standards, as shown when she attempted to sabotage Anos's dungeon exam and when she tried to steal his sword.

As a teacher, she acts composed and controlled, rarely losing her cool. She gives favoritism to pure-blooded students, seeing her mixed blooded students simply as thieves stealing knowledge from the pure-bloods and has no qualms injuring or even killing them if they cause problems for her.

She highly values her pure-blooded heritage and cannot accept being anything less, as shown when she immediately tried to kill herself after Anos reincarnated her as a mixed-blood demon.


  • High Magical Power: Emilia was a decently powerful demon because she was able to overwhelm eight members of the Anos Fan Union single-handedly. When Anos first saw her, he thought that Leorg's magic power paled in comparison with her, implying she is much stronger than him.[1]


  • High-temperature Flame <Gusgum>: Fire attribute magic. Emilia used this spell in the web novel to attack Izabella, but it was replaced by <Golzora> in the anime.
  • Sharp Dark Scorching Lightning <Golzora>: An attack magic that releases an aura of darkness and electric shocks. Combined with Emilia's high magical power, it's an immensely powerful spell, something that the most people can't even fend off.[2]


  • Anos' torture of Emilia is toned down in the anime, with Anos not threatening to turn her into poison worm.
  • Emilia seems to be unable to wield a Demon Sword, as she couldn't use the one Anos created for her while he was torturing her.[3]


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