Emilia Ludowell (エミリア・ルードウェル, Emiria Rūdoweru) was the homeroom teacher of Anos's class. She's now the school director of the Hero Academy. She is the daughter of Elio Ludowell, one of the Demon Emperors.


Emilia is a young adult woman with long hair which she keeps in a bun.


Emilia is proud of being royalty and is not happy about Anos, a mixed-blood. Emilia showcased that she can be fair towards her students as even though Anos wasn't supposed to be a team leader for his mixed blood, upon seeing his skill, she allowed him to be a team leader. However, despite acknowledging his skill, she still felt like Anos, as a mixed blooded demon had no business questioning or surpassing pure-blooded demons, and was willing to sabotage him to satisfy her standards, as shown when she attempted to sabotage Anos's dungeon exam and when she tried to steal his sword.


Emilia went into the classroom and introduced herself as their homeroom teacher. She quickly told them they will be divided into two teams and to be a team leader you will need to be able to active a Demon King Army spell. As she showed the spell and asked who would volunteer for a team leader, Anos volunteered. She told him, he can't be a team leader, as he was mixed-blood and only pure-bloods can be. He told her mixed-blood wasn't inferior to pure-blood and they agreed that if he can show something to surpass a royalty member, he will be allowed to be a team leader and Anos activated a contract spell, which surprised Emilia as she didn't see him draw a circle. He went to the spell and explained it had a flaw and fixed it, looking at it, Emilia realized the spell got better and Anos explained it became twice more powerful. Having no choice, Emilia approved him to be a team leader. She then proceeds with students introducing themselves and later appointed Sasha Necron as the other team leader and told the students to choose which side they take and that they could switch sides later.

When Anos advanced into the finale of the Demon Sword Tournament, she had intended to steal and break his sword, which was held by Anos's mother, Izabella, so that he could not appear in the final. While Anos was trying to save Sheila with Misha, she tried to fool Izabella by telling her a fake rule that stated the finalist's sword must be kept. However, his mother became suspicious of Emilia and wanted to confirm it properly. Knowing that she couldn't persuade her, Emilia started attacking Izabella along with 8 members of the Fan Union. The girls tried to defend Izabella using the anti-magic shields, but they were burnt by Emilia's <Gusgum> and collapsed. When Izabella asked why Emilia hurt her own students, she claimed that the mixed-bloods are not her students. Emilia then uses <Gusgum> again, but the girls managed to stand up and fight back. They told Izabella to run away, so she ran to call for help. The girls matched their power together but soon got blown away by Emilia's flames. Emilia aimed another <Gusgum> directly at Izabella but got distracted when the girls began to sing. Emilia got angry and burnt the girls one by one, but they didn't stop singing. Finally, all girls collapsed, Emilia used <Flight (Fless)> and spotted Anos' mother. This time, she successfully released it. However, Anos has used <Teleportation (Gatom)> and appeared in time to save his mother. He healed Izabella's slightly-burnt-hand and turned to Emilia. Despite the fact that Emilia was quite far away from Anos, she still got scared and stepped back like she had been struck. Anos then said that he didn't remember a single time he got angry in his past life. With a cold voice, he said: "Emilia, you, I do not forgive."

Emilia was frightened by his bloodlust, trembled, and tried to escape by flying, but Anos's words were filled with anger and strong magic power, that broke through Emilia's anti-magic and restrained her body and magic power. Anos picked her up with one hand, ignored her question, and threw her on the ground. He walked over where the Fan Union girls had fallen and healed their bodies. The girls woke up and thought that they couldn't protect his mother, but Anos suddenly asked their names and said that he would remember their names for the rest of his life. The girls started to cry silently, Anos then turned again to Emilia. He grabbed her by the scruff of her neck, teleported them to the Arena so that his mother would not worry. He threw her on the floor, created a demon sword, and told her to use it to fight him. Emilia then pulled out the demon sword and slashed Anos. As soon as she did an electric current eaten into her body. Anos mocked her for not being able to handle a demon sword. Then he stepped on her head and pressed it against the floor. He then held the sword, forced her to beg, and admit that he was the Demon King of Tyranny. Emilia refused. Anos told her that the host body which was stabbed by this sword became a seedbed for a hundred poisonous rice worms that will fight and eat each other. They use the host's pain as a living source and the host's internal organs will be eaten. When one poisonous rice worm is left it merges with the power of the host. Anos started to threaten Emilia, she got scared and began begging him to stop. Anos told her she would eventually get stronger and could hurt him with her new power. Finally, she admitted he as the Demon King of Tyranny but he refused to help her. Emilia couldn't speak anymore and looked on with despair when Anos started counting down. But nothing changed. Anos then revealed that it was just a lie to make Emilia embarrassed about what she did earlier. Anos kicked her onto her back and thrust his hand into her chest and grabbed her heart, and killed her. He reincarnated Emilia as a different person with the mixed-blood of humans and demons. Emilia panicked and kept checking her blood again and again. She stood up and intended to kill herself but Anos told her that he had cursed her to be reborn as a mixed-blood and that she couldn't escape from his curse. After telling her to look at Dilhaide again with her new position, Anos used <Teleportation (Gatom)> and left the arena.


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