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My name is Elio Ludwell, the Demon Lord of Midhaze. I am a descendant of the Demon King of Tyranny Anos Voldigoad! With my blood and pride, I will return the compassion you have shown me!
— Elio Ludwell[1]

Elio Ludwell (エリオ・ルードウェル Erio Rūdoweru?) is the Demon Lord of Midhaze, and the father of Emilia and Krut.


Like the rest of his family, he has purple hair. Elio also has a facial scar that goes across his nose.


Unlike most royals, Elio is wise and honorable. Instead of seeking revenge for the Demon King, he honored his request and withdrew. He also helped the wounded human soldiers evacuate, returning Eleonore the favor for saving him and his troops earlier.


Elio is the Demon Lord overseeing Midhaze, a prosperous city in the demon country of Dilhade with little trouble. He also built the Lognorth Magic Clinic, a reputable hospital with his own money. As per the duties of being a Demon Lord, he has short audiences with his citizens, although not everyone gets to talk because it's a group audience.[2]


Hero Academy Arc

After the Demon King Avos Dilhevia declared war on the human kingdom of Azeshion, Elio was one of the many demons who cheered for his return. Afterward, as one of the Demon Lords, he rallied alongside the demon army towards the Tora Forest, a huge forest that spanned across Dilhade and Azeshion.

"Avos Dilhevia" would eventually be revealed to be a fake, with Elios witnessing the real Demon King, Anos Voldigoad, being killed by the Hero Kanon. Because Elio was the captain of the advance unit, he was the closest to retaliating against the human army, but he honored Anos' final request and withdrew his troops.

However, the commander of the human forces Diego Ijaysica wouldn't be satisfied until all demons were dead, so he ordered the ten thousand Zeshias to self-destruct and wipe out the demon forces. Eleonore Bianca stops this and protects the demon forces, surprising Elio as she wasn't a demon and had no reason to protect them. Diego was eventually stopped by Eleonore and Lay, but his anger and hatred reached their peak, causing him to cast <Asc> and resurrect Jerga.

When Jerga fired a bombardment of <Theo Trias>, Eleonore protected the demons yet again. Elio asks her why and she replies that the war was already over and that she never held a grudge against them. Eleonore's actions caused Elio to trust in humans, causing him to help the injured human soldiers evacuate to their underground demon king castle.

After Anos defeated Jerga, Elio acknowledges Anos as the real Demon King of Tyranny and kneels before him with his troops. He then asks Anos to punish him as atonement for his negligence, but Anos replies that he won't punish those who admit their mistakes and settles it with Elio serving him for the rest of his life.

Great Spirt Arc


  • High Magic Power: As a prominent demon lord, he has a large amount of magic power, seeing as how he was assigned to lead an entire division of demon troops to the battlefield against the Demon King Subjugation Army.



Emilia Ludwell

Emilia is Elio's daughter. It is unknown if he is aware of Anos' curse on her and how he treats her now that she is a hybrid.

Krut Ludwell

Krut is Elio's son.



  • He briefly appeared on Episode 12, before debuting formally in Episode 13.


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