Eleonore Bianca (エレオノール・ビアンカ, Ereonōru Bianka) is an exchange student from the Hero Academy. She belongs to the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon" in the academy. She's now in the same class as Anos and his magic.


Eleonore is good-looking and full of motherhood. She has long hair that reaches all her waist and she is wearing the Hero Academy's uniform.



Eleonore is humanoid magic created from Jerga's root. Her personality and memories were intended to be a replica of Jerga's, putting her in a postilion to teach at the hero academy and pass on his hatred. However, Eleonore never bore any hatred against demons. Jerga's allies attempted to fix this by erasing and rewriting her memories multiple times, but she never grew any hatred towards demons. After 300 years of attempts, Eleonore was deemed a failure, and she was altered into a magic designed to make other root clones, such as Diego and Zeshia. As she is a living magic, even if her body dies, she reincarnates immediately, and she has watched multiple clones of Diego and Zeshia die full of hatred over the centuries. Eventually, she concluded that the only way for Diego, Zeshia, and the Hero Academy to finally find happiness was for her origin to be destroyed, stopping any more root clones from being created.

At some point, she was enrolled into the Hero Academy, being placed in the "Jerga Kanon" Selection Class.

Hero Academy Arc


Root Womb <Eleonore>

The magic that is Eleonore herself, allowing her to create root clones.

Weapons and Equipment


Anos Voldigoad

After meeting Anos and seeing his power, she was amazed that he had the magic that destroyed even the roots of his opponents. Seeing his strength, she decided that he was the person who could finally kill her and end the cycle of hatred.

Zeshia Bianca & Diego Kanon Ijaysica

She sees both of them as her children and had become depressed after seeing their multiple deaths, blaming herself for bringing them into the world destined to die.



  • Anos theorizes that the reason Eleonore never developed any hatred for demons is because she was born from Jerga's desire fore peace.



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