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Eleonore Bianca (エレオノール・ビアンカ, Ereonōru Bianka) is an exchange student from the Hero Academy currently attending the Demon King Academy and is one of Anos' classmates. She is a member of the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon" in the Hero Academy and was once the physical embodiment of one side of Jerga's source. After the defeat of Jerga, the other side of Jerga's source, Anos transformed her into his own magic.


Eleonore is a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body and large breasts. She has long black hair that reaches all her waist and black eyes with a purple tint to them. She wears a crimson Jerga Kanon version of the Hero Academy's uniform.


Eleonore has a friendly and easy-going personality, as she was willing to guide Anos and Sasha through the Hero Academy despite them being forbidden from entering alone, even overlooking Anos' attempt to enter on his own. Unlike the other members of "Jerga Kanon", Eleonore has shown no hostility towards demons as she is shown to have amicable relations with Anos and his group during the inter-academy exchange. She was able to maintain her peaceful nature despite the numerous tries of the past generations of heroes to rewrite her personality in an attempt to make her hate demons, as they finally gave up and simply used her to create source clones.

Despite her easygoing nature, it is revealed to be a partial facade, as she feels tremendous guilt in being forced to create source clones whose only goal is to destroy and kill or be killed themselves. She hoped that someone who finally be able to stop her from being forced to create more clones by killing her, as she implored Anos to kill her and even tried to provoke him into killing her. After being turned into Anos' magic, she was shown to be relieved over the fact that no one would be able to abuse her again, as she regained her optimistic and easy-going nature.

Due to her creation of thousands of source clones, she has a strong maternal instinct towards them, as she considers them her children and tried to free them from being used like her. She is shown to fawn over Zeshia and spoil her.


Eleonore is humanoid living magic that was created from Jerga's source by Nousgalia. Her personality and memories were intended to be a replica of Jerga's, putting her in a postilion to teach at the hero academy and pass on his hatred. However, Eleonore never bore any hatred against demons. Jerga's allies attempted to fix this by erasing and rewriting her memories multiple times, but she never grew any hatred towards demons. After 300 years of attempts, Eleonore has deemed a failure, and she was altered into a magic designed to make other source clones, such as Diego and Zeshia. As she is a living magic, even if her body dies, she reincarnates immediately, and she has watched multiple clones of Diego and Zeshia die full of hatred over the centuries. Eventually, she concluded that the only way for Diego, Zeshia, and the Hero Academy to finally find happiness was for her origin to be destroyed, stopping any more source clones from being created.

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It is later revealed that creating source clones was always her intended purpose, as Nousgalia believed that if enough clones were created, eventually a mutation would occur one with an origin strong enough to house a god would appear.
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At some point, she was enrolled into the Hero Academy, being placed in the "Jerga Kanon" Selection Class.


  • Great Magic Power: As living magic, Eleonore has great magic power, which is nearly comparable to the demons and humans from the Mythical Age. She demonstrated the ability to create and maintain De Igelia by her own magic power alone[2], as well as the ability to further enhance her power by the use of Eleonore and Asc in tandem.[1]
  • Master Source Magic User: Eleonore is greatly talented at source magic, as she is capable of seeing others other when disguised even when they are concealing themselves by "seeing" their source. Her great mastery of source magic in addition to her role as living magic, allow her to mass produce source clones whenever she desires.


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  • Anos theorizes that the reason Eleonore never developed any hatred for demons is because she was born from Jerga's desire for peace.[7]
    • It is later revealed that the reason why Eleonore didn't develop any hatred for demons is that Militia used her power to recreate her gently to be born without hatred.[8]
  • Eleonore uses the pronoun "boku" to refer to herself, which is typically used by boys in their youth.
  • There is an ongoing running gag about the fact that Anos considers Eleonore's large breasts as the symbols of the peace that he created, as it was explained that in the Mythical Age, there weren't any women who possessed such large breasts due to the fact that humans lived in harsh conditions, due to being malnourished and being incapable of sleeping peacefully at night.[9]


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