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At the end of a line lies the unknown.
~ Eldemeade to Class 1-2

The "Blaze Death King" Eldemade Dityjon (熾死王エールドメード ディティジョン, Shishiō Ērudomēdo Ditijon) is a great demon who reigned in the "Mythical Age". He is the homeroom teacher of Anos' class and one of the Four Evil Kings, but his body gets possessed by Nousgalia.


Eldemade was described as a tall man with delicate features, long purple hair, and a well-built physique.


He is a rather bold and cocky man who looks down on his enemies, but praises those who are worth praising as he did with Anosh Portikoro and most of the time carries a twisted smile.



Great Spirit Arc

After the war with Azeshion was averted, the Demon King Academy reopened, and Eldemade was introduced to the students of Class 1-2 as their new teacher. When he announced that Anos was the true Demon King of Tyranny, the majority of the class met him with skepticism, particularly the royals, whose emotions varied from anger to laughter. Eldemade then showed them a Zekt contract signed by many important figures in Dilhaide, including the Seven Elder Demon Emperors, stating that Eldemade's words were true and should he lie, his life will be forfeited.

He asks Anos to stand in front of the podium while he makes all the chairs and desks in the classroom disappear, stating that their behavior was intolerable. The Anos Fan Union knelt immediately and so does the people close to Anos. To those who were still standing, Eldemade demanded why were their heads still raised high in the presence of a king, and if they were willing to commit treason. He then told them that royalty wasn't anything special and that they were replaceable, that there wasn't anything more ridiculous than to still play their role when the play was over. After everything was over, Anos passed Eldemade and told him that his disguise was very poor, Nousgalia.


Weapons and Equipment


Anos Voldigoad

Eldemade has a great deal of respect and obsession for Anos.


One of Eldemade's students. He likes to tease her with nicknames.

Shin Reglia

Eldemade sees Shin as a powerful individual, who is worthy of serving as the Demon King's right hand, and respects him.





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