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Netherworld King Eges Code (冥王イージェス・コード, Meiō Ījesu Kōdo) is a great demon who competed with Anos Voldigoad during the Mythical Age. He is also one of the Four Evil Kings.


Eges has short cut hair with a strict look, and a large eye patch covering about half of his face.[1]


He is a prudent and serious person, preferring to not start any trouble in class as there was enough already. He also gives Anos frank advice to not underestimate the gods and make sacrifices or it will only result in more casualties.


Like many of the prominent demons from the Mythical Age, Eges moved away from Dilhade and ended up in Aharthern alongside the other Evil Kings. In the past he helped Kaihilam Jiste to inherit the curse from Nor Dorfmond, which led the Curse Kind to be in dept of Eges.


Great Spirit Arc

As Anos begins to destroy the magical space separating the spirit classroom from the outside world, Eges suddenly thrusts his spear in from the other side and completely destroys the white veil. He gives Anos advice before heading over to his seat.


  • Source of Blood: Eges Code's source true nature is blood. By infusing his blood with his magic power he created his Crimson Blood Magic Spear which is his main weapon. The more Eges approaches his destruction the more blood his source generates and the more powerful his spears becomes.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Crimson Blood Magic Spear <Dihiddoatem>: A red spear created by mixing blood with the magical power from Eges' source. This magic spear transcends space-time[2], and has no concept of "time" or "distance between opponents", and any kind of armour or speed is nothing in front of it.[3]
    • First Secret <Dimensional Impact>: Creates multiple portals that absorb and send the target to the edge of time and space.[4]
    • Second Secret <Dimensional Flash>: Unleashes a scarlet flash with Dihidatem that inflict damage and sends the target beyond the edge of time and space.[4]
    • Third Secret <Inner Stab>: This is a secret where countless Crimson Blood Magic Spears emerge from the target's body and protrude violently, tearing it to pieces.[4]
    • Fourth Secret <Blood Frontier Gate>: This secret utilizes the blood shed by piercing oneself creates a huge gate. Inside the gate, time and space are distorted, and those who enter can be sent to another dimension.[2]
    • Fifth Secret <Blood Gates Spear>: This secret blows away the opponent who touches the blood on the tip of the sword to another dimension.[2]
    • Sixth Secret <Bloodmade Spear Strike>: This secret uses the blood that the user spurred out and turns into a spear, blowing away those who touch it to another dimension.[2]
    • Seventh Secret <Blood Pond Burial>: This secret creates a pond with the blood you shed and gradually blowing away those immersed in it to another dimension.[2]


Celis Voldigoad

Celis was an irreplaceable individual to Eges. They went through pain together, struggled together and fought together. He always admired Celis' endurance and determination. He kept on going despite being feared by people and hated by people. Despite that he kept on going, he kept on fighting, for the same people.

Luna Arzenon

Knowing her in her previous life in a world before Miltia the two grew quite close. He saw her as a irreplaceable friend who brought warmth to the otherwise cold atmosphere of the Phantoms.


As Graham defeated and brutally killed his comrade and commander his hate for him started growing. Revenge was his drive, his fuel and motivation. Even teaming up and partering with him to get his opportunity to strike and avenge his fallen comrades. The opportunity had arisen and he was defeated and almost killed if not for Anos' benevolence. Graham declared his quest meaningless and pointless.

Ledane Aeon

His subordinate. He taught her some of his own magics, such as Concealed Magic Power <Najira> and instilled his philosophy into her, such as his hatred towards the gods.

Anos Voligoad




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