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Netherworld King Eges Code (冥王イージェス・コード, Meiō Ījesu Kōdo) is a great demon who competed with Anos Voldigoad during the Mythical Age. He is also one of the Four Evil Kings.


Eges has short cut hair with a strict look, and a large eye patch covering about half of his face.[1]


He is a prudent and serious person, preferring to not start any trouble in class as there was enough already. He also gives Anos frank advice to not underestimate the gods and make sacrifices or it will only result in more casualties.


Like many of the prominent demons from the Mythical Age, Eges moved away from Dilhade and ended up in Aharthern alongside the other Evil Kings.


Great Spirit Arc

As Anos begins to destroy the magical space separating the spirit classroom from the outside world, Eges suddenly thrusts his spear in from the other side and completely destroys the white veil. He gives Anos advice before heading over to his seat.


Weapons and Equipment

Crimson Blood Magic Spear <Dihiddoatem>: A red spear created by mixing blood with the magical power from Eges' source. This magic spear transcends space-time[2], and has no concept of "time" or "distance between opponents", and any kind of armour or speed is nothing in front of it.[3]


Ledane Aeon

His subordinate.




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