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Dragonewts are one of the races of the world and they inhabit the Underground World.


Dragonewt is a general term that refers to the inhabitants of the Underground World, as they are the descendants of dragons. While the dragonewts do possess draconic attributes of dragons, each subsequent generation losses the purity of their dragon child ancestor. The current dragonnewts who inhabit the Underground World are stated to be members of the 8th or 9th generation of dragonewt descendants, with dragon children being rare and only being born in the country of Agaha, by feeding the sources of great criminals or those whose fate is sealed and wish to volunteer themselves.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Due to being the descendants of dragons, Dragonewts possess a greater amount of magical power compared to humans, but are inferior in magic power to most demons.


Dragon Child

They are stated to be the direct descendants of the dragons, boasting great physical strength and immense magical power. A dragon child is created when the Dragon King eats the sources of humans and demons, and those sources are woven together into a new life, which is the dragon child. A Dragon Child's magic power is comparable to the high-ranked demons from the Mythical Age and even some gods.


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