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Dordired (ドルディレッド, Dorudireddo) is the God of Gospel.


Dordired takes the appearance of a long-haired god in a blue coat. It is stated that Dordired's true appearance is that of sound itself.


Dragon God's Country Giordal Arc

Dordired was summoned by his Selected; Gorloana Dero Giordal, as Gorloana used <Azept> to possess the power of Dordired to enhance himself, with Gorloana using Dordired's power to battle against Anos Voldigoad and his Selection God; Arcana. While initially allowing Gorloana to hold the advantage in the fight, both he and Gorloana were overwhelmed by Anos after he started utilizing <Gald Asc> to disturb Dordired's order, as he was corroded and disappeared from the effects of <Gald Asc>.[1] His order was later devoured by Galvadrion; the God of Gluttony, which increased his power.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a god, he possesses immense magic power, having a near bottomless magic pool that can only be used up when doing something of extraordinary magnitude.
  • Authority of Sound: As the God of Gospel, he possesses the ability to control sound, as he can manipulate it in various ways. It is stated that Dordired's sound even exists in a a vacuum and that Dordired himself is invulnerable as long as this sound is heard. His magical power will double after his sound bounces off the tuning fork columns in Giordal and resonates with them.[1]
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.[2]

Weapons and Equipment


Gorloana Dero Giordal

His chosen Selected for the Selection Judgement, whom he made a pact with.




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