Dilhaide (ディルヘイド, Diruheido) is the Demon World and the primary setting of the events.



  1. This country does not allow destitution.
  2. This country does not allow malice.
  3. This country does not allow tragedy.

When these rules are violated, no matter what the opponent is, the Demon King of Tyranny will fight for life and destroys them.


Demon King

Name Status
Anos Voldigoad Active

Seven Elder Demon Emperors

2,000 years ago, just before Anos reincarnated, these seven demons were created from his own blood. Their existence was created and gave life by magic, not by mating. It was prepared because he needed a body that inherited his blood when he reincarnated.

Name Status
Meheis Boran Active
Ivis Necron Active
Gaios Anzem Active
Ydol Anzeo Active
Medoin Garsa Active
Zoro Angart Active
Eldora Zaia Active

Demon Emperors

Name Status
Elio Rudewell Active
Zerceas Angart Active


Notable Places




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