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Dilhade (ディルヘイド, Diruheido) is the Demon Realm and the primary setting of the events.


The country of Dilhade is divided into two factions: the royal faction, which puts pureblood demons over mixed demons; and the unification faction, which advocates equal rights for all demons regardless of parentage. The royal faction hold most of the power in Dilhade and the mixed races have no say in how the country is run. The only reason why the unification faction hasn't been eliminated by the royal faction is because they count with the support of one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors, Melheis Boran.


  1. This country does not allow destitution.
  2. This country does not allow malice.
  3. This country does not allow tragedy.

When these rules are violated, no matter what the opponent is, the Demon King of Tyranny will fight for life and destroys them.


Demon King

Name Status
Anos Voldigoad Active

Seven Elder Demon Emperors

2,000 years ago, just before Anos began the process of reincarnation, these seven demons were created from his own blood. Their existence was created and gave life by magic, not by reproducing. It was prepared because he needed a body that inherited his blood when he reincarnated.

Name Status
Meheis Boran Active
Ivis Necron Active
Gaios Anzem Active
Ydol Anzeo Active
Medoin Garsa Active
Zorro Angart Active
Eldora Zaia Active

Demon Lords

Royal Demons who govern different areas of Dilhade. In order to become a Demon Lord, one must have achievements, for instance winning the Magic Sword Tournament.[1]

Name Status
Elio Ludowell Active


Notable Places

  • Midhayes City
  • Zehenbrug City
  • Richards Meadow



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