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It is not the blade that will make you crumble but the word. Sometimes they turn into thorns sharper than anything else
~ Dilfred to Naya

Dilfred (ディルフレッド Dirufureddo?) is the God of Deepening (深化神 Shinka-Shin?), as well as one of the Four Fundamental Gods that represents and governs the aspect of life's existence.


Dilfred is described as a wise forest sage, as he wears clothes woven of grass and flowers, a cloak of leaves, and a wooden crown.


Dilfred is a god of an unorthodox sense of values, as was demonstrated when he prostrated himself in front of Anos before asking him to leave the Azure Sky of the Gods, as it is shown he has no problem lowering his head to someone he disagrees with in order to accomplish his goals. He described as the wisest and most knowledgeable of the Four Fundamental Gods, as he is stated to be the god who is most knowledgeable about the Azure Sky and the other gods, second only to the Goddess of Creation: Militia.

Like other gods, he is shown to have a great adherence to order, as he believes that the peace for the gods is when order isn't threatened and that the wheels of order continue to turn in a proper manner in the world.



  • Immense Magic Power: As a god, he possesses immense magic power, having a near bottomless magic pool that can only be used up when doing something of extraordinary magnitude.
  • Authority of Deepening: As the God of Deepening, Dilfred has control over the order of deepening, which governs the governs the aspect of the source when it dives into the abyss and increases its magic power.[1] He can use his authority to increase the magic power of others.[2] Due to his authority and his signature weapon; the Deepening Thought Wand Bostum, to create Abyssal Grass Thorns. The Abyssal Grass Thorns have a unique effect if they stab a target three times; as the first destroys the target's magic power, the second destroys the target's life while the third will destroy the target's source.[3] However, even if an Abyssal Grass Thorn stabs a target once, the wound would spread and eventually kill the target.[4]
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.[5]


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He took an intrest in the young girl during the war and invasion of Dilhaid due to her unique circumstances but also because of Eldemade. He discouraged her from seeking Eldemade as he will never come for their rescue. He believes her to be a fool for turning her eyes away from reality and seeking the impossible. A lost traveller. Ironic since he ended up coming in last second with a grand entrance.

Eldemade Dityjon

Difred had an initial low opinion of the person he calls an Usurper. He thought that he has no kindness, mercy and love and that they are all just illusions. A madman obsessed with nothing else but causing chaos and finding the right enemy for the Demon king. During they're battle he was proven wrong and afterwards he gains respect for him.



Anos Voldigoad



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