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Diego Kanon Ijaysica (ディエゴ・カノン・イジェイシカ, Diego Kanon Ijeishika) was the director of the Hero Academy and teacher of the Selection Class "JergaKanon". He is a humanoid magic created by Jerga through Eleonore Bianca.


Diego keeps his brown-gray haired in a neat ponytail and is slightly unshaven. He is usually seen wearing a black trench coat and he has notable bags under his eyes.


Like most of his elite students, Diego possesses an extreme amount of arrogance towards the Demon King Academy and its students. This obsession of human superiority is demonstrated when he worships the Holy Water given to humans by the Gods and believing that Demons are inferior.

His ego is perhaps even bigger, to the point of cheating in the exams and showcases to attempt to humiliate the Demon King Academy.


Diego is a root clone specializing in education, and the most susceptible to Jerga's voice inside Sanctuary <Ask>. It's mentioned that hundreds of instances of Diego has come and went.

As with the top 4 students of "JergaKanon", he believed to be Kanon's reincarnation and wrongfully took his name.


Hero Academy Arc

A demonized Diego.

The first Diego introduced was the headmaster of the Hero Academy and the teacher of the "JergaKanon" class. During the inter-academy exam, he discovers Misha in the temple beneath the holy lake and brutally attacks her before being stopped by Anos Voldigoad. After being killed and revived by Anos, Diego was turned into a demon to reflect his ugly heart. As if this wasn't enough, his source was also removed from his body and injured, causing Diego to writhe in pain. Anos did so to show him who the real Kanon was, someone who despite having 7 sources and therefore took several times more the pain, continued fighting for peace. In the end, Anos crushed his source and ended his existence.

Diego declaring war.

The next day, another Diego shows up to class to inform them that the students of "JergaKanon" will be absent due to fatigue. Anos noted that he had the same magic wavelength and source as the Diego from before, but no recollection of what happened yesterday. After Avos Dilhevia stole the Holy Sword Evansmana, Diego sent a magical broadcast across Azeshion to inform them about the Demon King's return and spread anti-demon propaganda, before finally declaring war on Dilhade.

He personally led the subjugation army, but even after the "death" of the Demon King and the retreat of the demon army, Diego still wanted to keep going until he killed every last demon. His military adjutant protested, so Diego cut off his arm. Eventually, all of the soldiers protest as well, causing Diego to become increasingly furious. This leads to him getting possessed by Sanctuary <Asc> before falling unconscious and collapsing to the ground, as Jerga makes his return from the dead.

Great Spirit Arc

Sometime after Jerga's defeat and the peaceful conclusion of the war, Diego was punished for violating military law. Despite the human army winning, he tried to continue the war by cutting off his second-in-command's arm. The authorities also found out that Diego had been planning war against Dilhade for quite some time; as a result, Azeshion wanted to settle this by declaring him a war criminal.



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  • Sanctuary <Asc>

Weapons and Equipment

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  • Holy Sword of Light <Enhale>: A sword that rejects all demon power. Its special characteristic is duplicating itself using the holy light from the original.[1] For this reason, Diego and all of the root clones has Enhale.


Eleonore Bianca

He has a deep hatred of Root Womb <Eleonore>, deeming her as a failure in every instance that was born without fail. Due to her inability to hate demons, he views Eleonore as a tool (below himself) to be used to kill demons.

Zeshia Bianca

Like Eleonore, he views Zeshia as a mindless tool that should be used to kill demons. He possesses no sympathy for her, and deems her below him as someone who should be ordered.




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