Diego Kanon Ijaysica (ディエゴ・カノン・イジェイシカ, Diego Kanon Ijeishika) is the director of the Hero Academy and is in charge of the Selection Class "Jerga Kanon". He is humanoid magic created by Jerga.


Diego keeps his brown-gray haired in a neat ponytail and is slightly unshaven. He is usually seen wearing a black trench coat and he has notable bags under his eyes.


Like most of his elite students, Diego possesses an extreme amount of arrogance towards the Demon King Academy and its students. This obsession of human superiority is demonstrated when he worships the Holy Water given to humans by the Gods and believing that Demons are inferior.

His ego is perhaps even bigger, to the point of cheating in the exams and showcases to attempt to humiliate the Demon King Academy.


Diego is a root clone specializing in education. He is compatible with the magic of <Sanctuary Asuk>. It's mentioned that hundreds of instances of Diego has come and went.


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  • Sanctuary <Asuk>

Weapons and Equipment

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Holy Sword of Light <Enhalle>: A sword that rejects all demon power.


Eleonore Bianca

He has a deep hatred of Root Womb <Eleonore>, deeming her as a failure in every instance that was born without fail. Due to her inability to hate demons, he views Eleonore as a tool (below himself) to be used to kill demons.

Zeshia Bianca

Like Eleonore, he views Zeshia as a mindless tool that should be used to kill demons. He possesses no sympathy for her, and deems her below him as someone who should be ordered.





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