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I don't care. If not knowing is the only way to reach a better future, then that is better. In the end, it's only the difference between being late and being early.
~ Diedrich to Anos

Diedrich Kreizen Agaha (ディードリッヒ・クレイツェン・アガハ, Dīdorihhi Kureitsuen Agaha) is the Sword Emperor who reigns over Dragon King's Country Agaha, the land of knights, as well as being one of the Eight Gods' Selected; with the title of "Prophet".


Deidrich is a well-built man with a large physique, unique hair, and piercings behind his pointy ears.


Deidrich is a rather carefree man who has a smile on his face most of the time, and pleasantly enjoys the Anos Fan Union's songs. However, he can also be serious when needed, as shown when he fought against Anos alongside his contracted god, the Goddess of Future, Nafta.



  • Immense Magic Power: As a Dragon Child, Deidrich has an immense amount of magic power that is nearly comparable to the gods. he demonstrated his power when he was able to fight Arcana and even gain the advantage in the fight before overwhelming her.[1] He demonstrated enough power to hold his own against Anos in direct combat. His magic power can further increase dramatically after he uses <Azept> to possess Nafta's divine power into himself.
  • Immense Physical Strength: As a Dragon Child, he has a great degree of physical strength as he was able to compete against Anos in a battle in hand to hand battle for a long period of time.
  • Master Swordsman: Deidrich demonstrated excellent swordsmanship skills during his duel with Anos.


Weapons and Equipment



Nafta has been at Diedrich's side for as long as he can remember. Supporting him, guiding him, and being there for him in general. She carries the burden of seeing the future which meets its end. Diedrich wanted to do something for her. He wanted to show Nafta that the eyes which she bestowed on them could see a bright future too and that he will lead them to it.

Anos Voldigoad

Diedrich sees Anos as an entertaining individual knowing very well he is above his league. He owes Anos a huge depth for showing them a future they deemed futile.

Ricardo Arbishas

One of his most trusted and loyal confidants who he treasures deeply. He has high hopes that Ricardo will someday stand among the heroes who will protect Agaha.




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