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The Demon Sword Tournament (魔剣大会, Maken Taikai) is a tournament that decides Dilhade's top swordsman, and participants from all over Dilhade will gather. Because winning the tournament will give you renown, mixed-blood demons are prohibited from participating by the Royals.[1]


  1. Participants need to prepare one sword to participate in the tournament.
  2. Participants cannot change their sword during the tournament
  3. If the demon sword is broken or destroyed, the participant will be considered as defeated.
  4. Only fight with your sword.

Additional Rules

  1. Participants are prohibited from using Adesin or similar magic.
  2. Attacking is also prohibited.


Name Group Sword
Anos Voldigoad Demon King Academy Delsgade Diamond Iron Sword
Lay Glanzudlii Lognorth Demon Sword Association Initio
Krut Ludowell Lognorth Demon Sword Association Eishias
Madra Shenson Eineas Swordsmanship Dojo  Refresias


Round Participants Result
1 Anos Voldigoad vs.

Krut Ludowell

Krut was defeated within 1 minute
1 Lay Glanzudlii vs.

Madra Shenson

Madra was defeated in 3 seconds
2 Anos Voldigoad vs.

Noira & other opponents

Anos defeated all in 1 second, advanced to final
2 Lay Glanzudlii vs.

other opponents

Ray defeated all, advanced to final
Final Anos Voldigoad vs.

Lay Glanzudlii

Anos defeats Lay to win the tournament


Winner Runner up
300 years ago Krut Ludowell Madra Shenson
Now Anos Voldigoad Lay Glanzudlii


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