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Demon King Academy Arc Visual

Demon King Academy Arc (魔王学院編, Maō Gakuin-hen) is the first arc in Maō Gakuin no Futekigōsha series.




Participants Result
Anos Voldigoad vs. Zepes Indu Zepes is killed and revived by Anos multiple times and accepted defeat.
Leorig Indu vs. Zepes Indu Leorig burns Zepes.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Leorig and other royals Their magic power runs out of control and other royals collapse, except Leorig.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Leorig Indu Leorig is burned by Zepes but then revived by Anos.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Sasha's Team Anos defeats Sasha and her team, making her join Anos's group.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Ivis Necron Anos uses Venuzdonoa to defeat Ivis who was fused with Eugo La Raviaz, and later resurrects him.


  • Anos has reincarnated.
  • The Demon King Academy is introduced.
  • Anos is branded as a Misfit.
  • The discrimination between royalty and mixed-blood is introduced.
  • The reason why Sasha hate Misha is revealed.
  • Misha is saved by Anos.
  • The root that has been fused into Ivis is destroyed and Ivis regained his self.



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