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Demon King Academy Arc (魔王学院編 Maō Gakuin-hen?) is the first arc of The Misfit of Demon King Academy.


Reincarnation and Invitation

In the past, the Demon King of Tyranny Anos Voldigoad joined forces with the Hero Kanon, the Great Spirit Reno, and the Goddess of Creation Militia to create a grand magical wall that would isolate the four races and bring an end to the Great War. Unable to withstand the overwhelming magic power that was needed to cast the spell, Anos lost his body and began reincarnating.

Growth -Crest-.jpg

Two thousand years later, Anos reincarnates as the child of a human couple, Gusta and Izabella. After receiving an invitation to the Demon King Academy, he grows up with the aid of magic and prepares to go out on his own. However, his parents find out and decide to move to the Demon Kingdom of Dilhade as a family. On the day of the entrance exams, he befriends Misha Necron and realizes that no one believes him to be the reincarnation of the Demon King.

First Days of School

Days later, Anos learns of the segregation between royal and mixed-blood students and the fact that he's the first student ever to bear the mark of "misfit", someone who is unfit to become a Demon Lord. Realizing that something is wrong, he asks Misha what the name of the Demon King of Tyranny is, and she responds with "Avos Dilhevia". In spite of this reveal, Anos doesn't think much of it and dismisses it as his descendants passing down the wrong name.

When the homeroom teacher, Emilia Ludowell, was looking for team leaders to form groups, Anos volunteered but is rejected due to his mixed-blood status. Nevertheless, he earns the position after fixing a flaw in the spell Demon King Army <Gyze>, proving to the class that mixed-blood students are in no way inferior to the royal students.


Shortly afterward, Misha's estranged sister, Sasha Necron, comes by to belittle Misha in front of Anos. When he defends her and calls Sasha short-sighted, an irritated Sasha threatens him with the Magic Eyes of Destruction. However, Anos reveals that he also has it, but his Magic Eyes is much stronger than hers and leaves her speechless. At the end of class, Sasha makes a bet with Anos — If he wins the team battle exam, she will join his team; but if he loses, he will obey every one of her commands. On the day of the exam, Anos effortlessly defeats Sasha's team by countering their Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar <Jio Graze> with a mere Flame <Grega>, causing Sasha to join his team as agreed.

Birthday and Miracle

Ivis meets Anos.png

The day before Misha and Sasha's birthday, the class receives a guest lecture from Ivis Necron, one of the Seven Elder Demon Emperors who were created from Anos' blood and from whom his bloodline continued. Anos tries probing Ivis for answers but finds out that Ivis has lost his memories from two thousand years ago. When he uses a time-reversal spell on Ivis' memories, he discovers that the name "Avos Dilhevia" existed even back then, finally accepting that there is an unknown party at play.

In the afternoon, the class heads to the Demon King Castle Delsgade for the Dungeon exam, so Anos brings the Necron sisters to the castle's hidden treasury to give them birthday presents. However, when Anos wasn't looking, Sasha stabs Misha and tries to run away. He stops her but eventually lets her go after Misha asks him to. Misha explains that "Misha Necron" never existed in the first place and that at midnight, on their 15th birthday, she will cease to exist.

Misha Sasha Ep4.jpeg

Anos deduces that Sasha and Misha used to be one, but they became two separate entities through the machinations of Ivis Necron. Eventually, it is revealed that Sasha is trying to save Misha and had created a spell to switch the two, but Misha had to reject her for it to work. Despite treating her poorly all this time, Misha doesn't reject Sasha, prompting Anos to suggest another method. Since both sisters have half a source, Anos intends to send them to the past and have them fuse with their past selves.

Suddenly, Ivis appears to stop Anos from his ruining his plan but is quickly defeated. Anos would also face opposition from the Guardian God of Time Eugo La Raviaz, who is trying to kill him for tampering with time. After defeating both of them with his Principle Destroying Sword <Venuzdonoa>, Anos discovers that someone was controlling Ivis, so he revives him with his old memories, asking him to work for him from the shadows.


Main Battles

Participants Result
Anos Voldigoad vs. Zepes Indu Zepes is killed and revived by Anos multiple times and accepted defeat.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Leorg Indu and other royals The royals collapse after their magic power runs out of control. Zepes is resurrected and kills Leorg, but Anos revives both brothers in the end.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Sasha's team Anos defeats Sasha and her team, making her join Anos' group.
Anos Voldigoad vs. Ivis Necron Anos uses Venuzdonoa to defeat Ivis who was fused with Eugo La Raviaz and later resurrects him.


  • Anos reincarnates as the son of a human couple.
  • The Demon King Academy is introduced.
  • Anos is branded a Misfit.
  • Anos learns that someone has usurped his place in history.
  • The discrimination between royalty and mixed-blood is introduced.
  • The unknown source that was fused with Ivis, manipulating him, is destroyed and Ivis returns to normal.
  • Anos saves Misha.
  • Misha and Sasha reconcile and mend their sisterly bonds.



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