Demon King Academy Delsgade (魔王学院デルゾゲード, Maou Gakuin Deruzogēdo) is an educational institution that gathers those who had inherited the blood of the Demon King of Tyranny and raises them to become Demon Emperors, the ones responsible for governing the demons.


Its ultimate purpose is to find and welcome the reincarnation of the Demon King of Tyranny. However, as the time when the demon king will be reincarnated approaches, the academy also plays a role in selecting demons who are deemed worthy to become its vessel. The building is the former Demon King Castle Delsgade, where the Demon King of Tyranny once lived.


2,000 years ago, Demon King Castle Delsgade is where the Demon King of Tyranny once lived. The castle was rumored to be of the God of Destruction, Aberneyu.


Practical Exam

In order to enroll into Delsgade, one has to pass the magic power and aptitude exam. But before they can do so, they must first pass the practical exam. Candidates must win against five opponents in the arena, where they are permitted to use any weapons and gear of their convenience. In addition, members of the royalty have special privileges such as choosing their opponent and having outsiders help them.

Inter-Team Battle Exam

A test that determines how well students can use <Gyze>. Two teams face off against each other, and the battle last until the "king" of one side is taken out or they can no longer maintain <Gyze>.

Dungeon Exam

Students form groups to explore the dungeons beneath the castle Delsgade and bring back any magical tools, armor, or weapons they find to earn points. Any item obtained in the dungeon belongs to the group leader.

Great Magic Training

A special lecture given by Ivis Necron about Great Magic to help students understand the depths of magic better.

Great Magic Sword Training

Training to get students ready for the Magic Sword Tournament, since the students that are chosen will have to compete against people who more experienced and skilled than them.

Magic Sword Tournament

Main article: Magic Sword Tournament
A tournament that decides Dilhaide's top swordsman. Swordsmen from all over Dilhaide come here to prove themselves, and the winner earns renown.

Gairadite Expedition Test

Academy Exchange

Inter-Academy Exam

Swordsmanship Training

A training given by Shin Reglia about swordsmanship.[1]

Lost Magic Lesson[2]

Students use the magic <Gatom> to teleport to Gairadite.

Notable Places


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The Arena

The location where the practical exams and the Magic Sword Tournament where held at. It's the perfect place to assess one's combat capabilities, or to just spectate skilled fighters.

Magic Tree Forest

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The Forest

A training ground for students, the inter-team battle exams are taken here. Because of its vast space and restorative properties, students can go all out here.


Dungeon Entrance

Students come here for the dungeon exam. The King's Scepter is found in the lowest floors, but no students or even teachers have made it that deep.

Treasure Room

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The Treasury

A hidden room in the dungeon, it contains Anos' treasures and equipment from 2,000 years ago.


The badge shows the results of the magic power and aptitude exam. The more lines and vertices one has, the better they did.

The cross badge that Anos possesses means "Misfit", the person furthest away from a demon king. Anos is the first one to be branded a misfit ever since the foundation of the academy.


There are two types of uniforms, black and white. Students who wear black are honor students, the pure-blood demons. Honor students are exempt from the entrance exam, though still having to participate in the practicals.

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After the Demon King Ceremony, the system of white uniforms for mixed-blooded demons and black uniforms for the imperial families was abolished, and students were able to freely choose their uniforms. There was an opinion to abolish white uniforms and black uniforms, but Anos decided to leave this uniform, which was divided into two demons, as a commandment.[3]

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Name Status
Emilia Ludowell Resigned
Menou Historia Active
Nihid Active
Grays Active
Eldemade Dityjon Active
Shin Reglia Active


First Year

Name Uniform Badge Status

Anos Voldigoad

Anosh Portikoro





Misha Necron White Hexagram Active
Sasha Necron Black Hexagram Active
Misa Ilioroagu White Quadrangle Active
Lay Glanzudlii Black Heptagram Active
Eleonore Bianca Unknown Unknown Active
Zeshia Bianca Unknown Unknown Active
Ellen Mihais White Triangle Active
Jessica Arnet White Triangle Active
Maia Zemut White Triangle Active
Nono Inota White Triangle Active
Shia Minsheng White Triangle Active
Himka Houra White Triangle Active
Carsa Kurnoah White Triangle Active
Shelia Nijem White Triangle Active
Ramon Aiber Black Unknown Active
Naya Unknown Unknown Active

Third Year

Name Uniform Badge Status
Rivest Aynie Black Pentagon Active
Alamis Eltimo White Unknown Active

Other Students

Name Uniform Badge Status
Gerad Azlema Black Hexagram Active




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