Demon King Academy Delzogade (魔王学院デルゾゲード, Maou Gakuin Deruzogēdo) is an educational institution that gathers the elite who has inherited the Demon King of Tyranny blood and raises them as Demon Emperors, the ones who control the demons. Its ultimate purpose is to find and welcome the reincarnation of the Demon King of Tyranny. However, as the time when it is said that the demon king will be reincarnated is approaching, it also plays a role in selecting the excellent demons that should be the container. The building uses the former Demon King Castle Delzogade where Anos once lived as it is.



Demon Sword Tournament

Main article: Demon Sword Tournament

300 years ago


Academy Exchange

  • Badge types
  • Anos's badge


The badge shows the results of the magic power and aptitude exam. The more lines and vertices you have, the better you did.

The cross badge, which Anos possess, means Misfit.


There two types of uniforms, black and white. Students who wear black are honor students, the pure-blood demons. Honor students are exempt from the entrance exam.


Name Status
Emilia Rudewell Defected
Menou Historia Active
Nihid Active
Grays Active
Eldemade Dityjon Active
Shin Reglia Active


First Year

Name Uniform Badge Status

Anos Voldigoad

Anosh Portikoro





Misha Necron White Hexagram Active
Sasha Necron Black Hexagram Active
Misa Ilioroagu White Quadrangle Active
Lay Glanzudlii Black Heptagram Active
Eleanor Bianca Unknown Unknown Active
Zeshia Bianca Unknown Unknown Active
Elen Mihais White Triangle Active
Jessica Arnet White Unknown Active
Maia Zemut White Unknown Active
Nono Inota White Unknown Active
Xia Minsheng White Unknown Active
Himka Houra White Unknown Active
Carsa Kurnoah White Unknown Active
Shelia Nijem White Unknown Active
Ramon Aiber Unknown Unknown Active
Naya Unknown Unknown Active

Third Year

Name Uniform Badge Status
Revest Black Unknown Active
Alamis Eltimo White Unknown Active

Other Students

Name Uniform Badge Status
Gerad Azlema Black Hexagram Active




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