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Mark of the Misfit (不適合者の烙印, Futekigōsha no Rakuin) is the 3rd chapter of The Misfit of Demon King Academy manga adaptation.


After bringing Misha to his house, Anos' parents overreact thinking he brought a bride home. During dinner, Anos indulges in his favorite mushroom gratin while his mom talks to Misha about how they met. In the end, Misha tells Anos that she's glad they are friends.

On the first day of school, Anos notices differences in the color and emblem of the uniforms, as well as people staring at him. He sits next to Misha and asks if she knows why they were staring at him, and she explains that the emblem he bears is the cross – the mark of the Misfit which deems him unsuitable for becoming a Demon Lord.

As he reflects on his answers, he comes to a sudden realization and asks Misha for the name of the Demon King, which is revealed to be "Avos Dilhevia". Anos dismisses it as society passing down the wrong name, which is likely why he failed the exam. He also asks about the two uniform colors and learns that black uniforms are reserved for the pureblooded demon royals, or highbloods.

Their homeroom teacher, Emilia Ludowell, eventually appears and informs the class that they will learn about Gyze. She asks for volunteers to become team leaders; but when Anos raises his hand, she turns him down due to his mixed-breed status. However, Anos convinces Emilia to give him the position if he could prove that mixed-breeds were in no way inferior to highbloods. He walks up to the board and fixes a flaw in Gyze's magic circle, doubling its effects as Emilia disgruntledly accepts his nomination.

When Sasha Necron volunteers, Anos notices her similarities with Misha, who tells him that they are sisters. Because Sasha was wearing a black uniform while Misha was wearing a white one, Anos asks if they have different fathers, but Misha replies that they have the same parents, causing Anos to become perplexed at the family's decision to treat Misha differently. Sasha then comes up to their table and insults Misha, calling her "a piece of trash animated by magic".


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