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Phantoms don't need a name. You, who is about to perish, carve this name in your head. I'm the Isis of the Phantom Knights [...] Extinct Ten Purple Electric Lightning Sword <Ravia Neold Galvarizen>
~ Celis to Graham[1]

Celis Voldigoad (セリス・ヴォルディゴード, Serisu Vorudigōdo) was the father of Anos' previous incarnation.


Celis Voldigoad is a rather handsome tall man with above average physical built. He has purple hair, green eyes and wears a rather long cloak with a color around his neck.


Celis is a stoic serious man who dedicated himself to his mission of ending the war between the demons and other races as well as overturning the natural destruction of his world.

He would come across as ruthless to his enemies or those that did not know him very well, but it is shown that he deeply cared about his comrades despite his stoic demeanor.


14,000 years ago, in the timeline of the Silver Water Holy Sea, Celis was active as the leader of the Phantom Knights, who was trying to find a way to avert the world destruction or at least grasp hope of a new life for his comrades in the future world. To this end, he started working a unique magic called Reincarnation <Silica>, which would allow the person it is used on to be reborn in a new life. At some point in the past, he became acquainted with the God of Creation; Elenesia, whom he considered an ally in attempting to avert the world's demise. While investigation the movements of human soldiers, he came across and saved Luna Arzenon, who fell to the bubble world of Elenesia. He offered to cooperate with Elenesia as her Selected for the Selection Judgment in exchange for her cooperation in helping him complete <Silica>, but she told him that completing <Silica> would be impossible though she did agree to assist him, as she left him a Selection Allied Bead and disappeared. Deciding to take in Luna, who had nowhere to go, Celis resumed his research of <Silica> as he knew that the destruction of the world was soon approaching and that he didn't have enough time to save everyone so he tried to apply it to the members of the Phantom Knights in order to reincarnate them and bring the spell to perfection. As the world was near its end, Luna urged him to use <Silica> on her, as she believed that Spirit God Human Sword Evansmana would sever the fate of the Phantom Knights destruction and allow <Silica> to be perfected and become a part of the new world's order, Celis obliged and used it on her and then eventually himself. Due to the power of Evansmana or an unknown miracle, Reincarnation <Silica> was included as part of the new world's order of the Four Fundamental Gods.

After reincarnating, Celis reformed the Phantom Knights in the Militia World, and recruited all of members who were from the Elenesia world but managed to reincarnate, among them being the First, whom he took in after his parents abandoned him, as he continued to destroy malevolent demons and humans for the sake of the world. Eventually, he would meet the reincarnated Luna Arzenon, whom he saved after she and her family were attacked by a mysterious doll, which Celis destroyed. Taking in the orphaned Luna, Celis married her and impregnated her, thus leading to the conception of his child, that carried the power of the Voldigoad bloodline. After defeating and destroying the Hero Graham and his squad, Celis lead his Phantom Knights to the Zeylon village where they intercepted the attacking humans, while a squad of humans was torturing Celis' wife, Luna. Although the humans were defeated by Anos, Graham was able to mortally wound Luna before the Phantom Knights could save her, which lead to her death.

Eventually, Celis would track down the location of a rogue human, whom he supposedly destroyed earlier, who revealed himself as the misfit Graham, and the one responsible for Luna's death. After Graham quickly eliminated the rest of his Phantom Knight subordinates (with the exception of the First), Celis engaged him in battle, but Graham quickly took the First as a hostage, which forced Celis to stop his attacks and allowed Graham to land several critical blows against him. Celis managed to save the First by piercing him with <Gaudgimon> and anticipating that the power of the First's source to transport him away from the battle. Due to being greatly wounded, Celis made one last attack against Graham, in an attempt to destroy his weapon; the Disorder Falsification Divine Scythe <Befenguzdogma>, but was decapitated before he could do so, with Graham taking Celis' head and using it as his own, thus assuming his identity.

After Graham teleported away, the Goddess of Creation; Militia, appeared and healed Celis (including recreating his destroyed head), although he was slowly dying, as most of his source was already taken away by Graham, and Celis could only short continue existing with his consciousness alone. When asked by Militia what he wanted to do, he requested that she remove Anos' memories of him from Anos' mind, as Anos was on the cusp of realizing Celis' true identity and would be consumed by revenge if he were to find out his father was killed. As he revealed his true feelings for the first time, Celis' source reached its limit and disappeared from the world.


  • Source of Destruction: As a member of the Voldigoad bloodline, Celis possesses a unique source specializing in destruction, as he was stated to be the most powerful member of his bloodline until Anos was born. According to the God of Creation; Elenesia, his strength surpasses the power of the gods, as he was labeled a "misfit" that defied the order of the gods. The power of his source would further increase the closer he got to his own destruction.[2]
    • Immense Magic Power: Due to his source, Celis has a vast amount of magical power, which is considered superior to the various "king level" demons who ruled across Dilhade throughout the Mythical Age, and even surpasses the power of the gods. He demonstrated his power by easily defeating a entire battalion of elite human soldiers lead by the Hero Graham, who was strengthened by <Asc> and armed with the Protector God Sword Rolostoarm, which was blessed and empowered by the God of Barriers Rinoloros, as well as Rinoloros herself who was protecting them with a barrier powerful enough to survive the destruction of the world, with just one blast from <Ravia Neold Galvarizen>.[3] He also was able to overwhelm and defeat the Sorcerer King Bomiras Heros, who was one of the most powerful demons during the Mythical Age, with little to moderate difficulty.[4] He was capable of fighting on par against Graham, another misfit who surpassed the gods in power and only started losing when Graham took a hostage, which created an opening for Graham to land several severe attacks on Celis. After the battle, Graham admitted that Celis was a tough opponent.[1] According to Luna Arzenon, Celis was as powerful as an inhabitant of a deep world despite being the inhabitant of a bubble world.[2]
  • Master Swordsman: Celis is a very proficient swordsman, as he was able to wield his signature Heavy Thunder Sword <Gaudgimon> with great skill. He was able to fight on par with Graham who was wielding <Befenguzdogma>, and hold his own against him.


Weapons and Equipment

See: Equipment

  • Heavy Thunder Sword <Gaudgimon>: It has the appearance of a serrated blade closely resembling thunder. The sword is infused with high magic power purple lightning electrified with its cuts turning all slashed to ash. <Gaudgimon> is necessary to activate the thunder attribute destruction magic Extinct Ten Purple Electric Lightning Sword <Ravia Neold Galvarizen>. After Celis was defeated, his enemy Graham took <Gaudgimon> and kept it for 2,000 years but was later defeated by Anos, who wished to let the sword rest at his father's grave. Even after 2,000 years, <Gaudgimon> still remembered its owner Celis in his future reincarnation, Gusta. The sword is currently in Gusta's possession after acquiring it from his past life's grave with Anos' permission. <Gaudgimon> is sometimes used by Anos' acquaintances.
    • Tenth Secret <Extinguishing Thunder-Fire Blade>: Unleashes a slash that then electrifies the wound that the slash leaves behind, inflicting great damage to the slashed target, to the point it can destroy them with its power alone.[6]
  • Selection Allied Bead: An allied bead that can summon a Selection God for the god seat. Celis used this to summon the God of Creation; Elenesia.


Anos Voldigoad

Celis' son, but he was absent most of Anos' life. He saw Anos talent and power early, as well as his potential to unify Dilhade and lead it to a better future, so he left to eliminate any demon who could pose a threat to Anos' rise as the ruler of demons. While he appeared to Anos dozens of time, he appeared aloof and never revealed blood relation to continue his mission. As he perished after losing to Graham, he asked Militia to erase him from Anos' mind as Anos would seek revenge against Graham after learning that Graham had killed his father, and that would distract from Anos' mission to bring peace to the world. As he started to disappear, he revealed his true thoughts and admonish himself for not being there for Anos and that he was despondent that he couldn't do a single fatherly thing for him.

Luna Voldigoad

He loved his wife dearly. While their first meeting in the Elenesia World was tumultuous, as Celis saved her from being attacked by the phantom beasts that came with her, he initially considered her a fool for keeping the beasts that attacked her as the two exchanged words, with Celis seemingly being harsh to her, though the First commented that Celis actually took a liking to her. She followed Celis and joined the Phantom Knights, and developed feeling for him, while he seemed indifferent to her. Though it was revealed that he kept his distance as the world was coming to an end and he wanted her to save herself though she was able to notice that later. They were able to reincarnate in the Militia World and met again after Luna's parents were killed, with Celis asking her to have his child. While Luna was giving birth to Anos, Celis was on a mission and didn't arrive in time to save her as she died but was happy to have met him. While it seemed that Celis initially didn't care about her death, it is later revealed that he always regretted not being able save and protect her due to playing the role of a phantom, showing that he truly loved and cherished his wife.

Eges Code

Eges was Celis' right hand man and most trusted subordinate. Their bond was shown to be very strong in the Elenesia World, as Eges was willing to willingly subject himself to being a test subject for Celis' <Silica> research, while Celis' acknowledge his loyalty and resolve.

After they were reincarnated in the Militia World, Celis once again recruited Eges after he was abandoned by his parents and allowed him to join the Phantom Knights, with Eges harboring a great deal of respect and loyalty to Celis. However, he would often disagree with Celis about certain topics, such as Celis' seeming apathy towards his family, as Celis would reprimand him about letting his emotions cloud his judgment. Celis seemingly discharged Eges after Bomiras revealed that he is the Netherworld King, thus violating his oath as a Phantom Knight. However, after Eges went to help Celis and the rest of the Phantom Knights against Graham and during their battle against him, it is revealed that Celis was hoping that Eges would notice his true intentions and choose to life his own life. Celis saved Eges by injuring his source and anticipating that it would warp Eges away from the battlefield, as he told that in a peaceful era, phantoms wouldn't be needed but Eges had a life of a king, thus saving his life from Graham at the cost of his own.


Celis once destroyed Graham while the latter was still a human, as he pursued him after learning of his survival. While Celis was seemingly indifferent about Graham killing his wife Luna, it is revealed that Celis harbored immense hatred towards him but was force to contain his feelings to avoid make mistakes.


The two were acquaintances and allies while Celis was a resident of the Elenesia World, as Celis had great deal of faith in her abilities as evidenced by the fact that he requested her help in completing <Silica>. Despite Luna's worries about them being lovers, the relationship between the two was strictly a platonic friendship.



  • Celis was a resident of the world created by the previous God of Creation; Elenesia, prior to being reincarnated as a resident of the Militia World.[2]
    • Elenesia also made a pact to fight as Celis' God of Selection for the Selection Judgment, similar to how Militia made Anos her chosen one for the Selection Judgment.[2]
  • Celis is also considered a "Misfit" who defied the order of the gods, similar to his son Anos.[2]
  • Celis' existence was unknown during the Mythical Age, as few were even aware of the existence of "Isis" of the Phantom Knights, let alone the fact that he was Anos' father.[7]
    • "Isis" is one of the old words of the demon race, which means "commander".[8]
  • According to Luna, she couldn't feel any cravings from Celis, as it is shown that he possessed such strong willpower that phantom beasts could not possess him.[2]
  • Celis is the creator of the magic of Silica, which was originally developed in the Elenesia World[9], but was able to become part of the Militia World's order upon the creation of the world due to the power of Evansmana severing fate.[10]


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