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Celis Voldigoad (セリス • ヴォルディゴード, Serisu Vorudigōdo) was the father of Anos' previous incarnation.


Celis voldigoad is a rather handsome tall man with above average physical built. He has purple hair, green eyes and wears a rather long cloak with a colar around his neck.


Celis is a stoic serious man tho most of the time ruthless but he still cares about his comrades.


2,000 years ago, Celis was a skilled and well-known swordsman. He was defeated by Graham and executed.

Graham would later take Celis' head and assume his identity, resurfacing 2,000 years later.


Weapons and Equipment

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  • Heavy Thunder Sword <Gaudgeimon>: It has the appearance of a serrated blade closely resembling thunder. The sword is infused with high magic power purple lightning electrified with its cuts turning all slashed to ash. <Gaudgeimon> is necessary to activate the thunder attribute destruction magic Destruction Exhaustion Ten Purple Electric Field Thunder Sword <Lavia Nold Galvarizen>. After Celis was defeated, his enemy Graham took <Gaudgeimon> and kept it for 2,000 years but was later defeated by Anos, who wished to let the sword rest at his father's grave. Even after 2,000 years, <Gaudgeimon> still remembered its owner Celis in his future reincarnation, Gusta. The sword is currently in Gusta's possession after acquiring it from his past life's grave with Anos's permission. <Gaudgeimon> is sometimes used by Anos's acquaintances.


Anos Voldigoad

Despite never meeting him in person, Celis wished to hold him in his arm one last time shortly before his death.

Luna Voldigoad

Though much of their relationship remains unknown, he most likely cherished and loved his wife dearly.





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