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Sorcerer King Bomiras Heros (魔導王ボミラス・ヘロス, Madō-ō Bomirasu Herosu) is a demon who ruled Midhaze 2,000 years ago.


Bomiras has the appearance of a humanoid flame that wears a robe.


Bomiras initially appears to have a calm and benevolent personality, as he was known throughout Dilhade as a merciful and wise ruler. However, this was merely a front to fool his followers and other people into being more sympathetic to him and his cause. In reality, Bomiras is an arrogant and power-hungry person who had a desire to conquer the world and subjugate all of the races living in it.


2,000 years ago, Bomiras was the ruler of Midhaze, the most prosperous city in Dilhade, as his power allowed him to maintain control over the widely coveted city, as he was renown in Dilhade as a wise and benevolent ruler, unlike most other demons during the Mythical Age.

He appeared in the southwest of Midhaze after Celis Voldigoad dispatched the elite squad of humans soldiers that were there on a reconnaissance mission, as he offered to spare the Hero Graham and the spies that humans sent to spy on Bomiras earlier if he agreed to tell him what the humans were doing there. However, before the discussion could progress further, Celis killed Graham and cut off Bomiras' arm when the latter tried to interfere, as Bomiras cursed him as a bloodthirsty ghost.

Later Bomiras was ambushed and defeated by Celis, as Bomiras was interrogated by him about the location of a particular person whom Celis was tracking, with Bomiras using it as an opportunity to cause strife within the Phantom Knight by revealing that the First was actually the Netherworld King Eges. Though before he could escape, he was killed by Celis.

Reincarnating into the present, Bomiras became the marshal of Azeshion's Inzuel Empire, wishing to overtake the human continent.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a renowned demon from the Mythical Age, Bomiras has an incredible amount of magic power, that is said to be comparable to the Four Evil Kings, as he was stated to be one of the most powerful demons during the Mythical Age. He demonstrated enough strength to temporarily hold his own against Celis Voldigoad, an immensely powerful demon in his own right, before being overwhelmed by him. He is shown to be powerful enough to fight Emilia Ludowell and Class 1-2, while holding the advantage during the entire fight, and only being overwhelmed when Naya possessed the power of 4 different Guardians Gods and merged them into one. He could even hold his own against Anos for a time before being overwhelmed.
  • Source Transference: Bomiras demonstrated the ability to transfer his source into separate flame bodies in case his body gets destroyed. He also prepared a failsafe in case his source is destroyed, as when the source approaches its destruction, it glows brighter and is copied into a new more powerful separate body, which then lives on as the Sorcerer King.
  • Expert Magic Researcher: Bomiras is shown to be very adept at developing new magical formulas, as he was capable of creating <Aviastan Jiara>, a fire spell that surpassed <Jio Graze> as the highest tier fire spell. He also created other unique spells such as <Borg Wegm> and <Dedradoned>, that complimented his abilities.


  • Aviastan Jiara
  • Jio Graze
  • Hell Magic Flame Heat Haze <Borg Wegm>: A special type of barrier spell that was developed by Bomiras. Within the barrier, Bomiras' flame bodies are strengthened and he can create alter egos of a level that can deceive even Anos' magical eyes.
  • Hell Fire Flame Spreading Body <Glaze Avnel>: A magic spell developed by Bomiras that uses multiple <Jio Graze> to spread flames in order to increase his size and become a large fire giant.
  • Shadow World Magic Path <Dedradoned>: A magic spell developed by Bomiras, which creates a twisted otherworldly space and brings those who enter it from another place. It allows him o absorb and redirect enemy attacks by storing them in the space and then redirecting them by opening a portal with a magic circle. While the interior of the dimension is almost infinite, the downside is that the entrance is not as large, thus allowing it to be blocked if a large enough object is stored in the entrance.
  • Guala Nate Forteos


Sorcery Watershed: A special liquid that Bomiras created to weaken the power of the Voldigoad's Destruction Source, in hopes of allowing him to steal it for himself.

Selection Allied Bead: An allied bead that can summon a Selection God for the god seat. Bomiras uses this to summon the God of Conquest; Gehedvich.


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