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Boldinos (ボルディノス Borudinosu?) was a former knight of Agaha, until he lost his faith in the gods, and later became the first overlord of the Gadeisiola.


While he was originally a loyal knight of Agaha, it was mentioned that Boldinos committed several acts he regretted, as he wished to atone for his sins, losing his faith in the gods in the process.

He sought revenge against the gods, which forced him to commit several questionable acts such as manipulating Arcana to become an acting god in order to use her wage war against the gods, and founding Gadeisiola to strengthen his influence.

Despite his questionable actions, he shows empathy to those who have suffered at the hands of the gods, such as Sophia and Arcana (even though he manipulated the latter).


Sometime during the reign of the first Sword Emperor of Agaha, Boldinos was a knight in the service of Agaha. Due to an unexplained chain of events, he committed several acts which he later regretted, as searched for a way to atone, losing his faith in the gods and abandoning Agaha. Eventually, he met the misfit Graham, who offered to help him with his revenge against the gods, as he instructed Boldinos to manipulate a young dragonewt girl named Arcana, who had won the Selection Judgment, and subtly guided her to kill her Selection God; the Creator Goddess Militia; who was trying to stop the Selection Judgment for the sake of mortals, by lending her the Heavy Thunder Sword Gaudgimon, which was lent to him by Graham. Boldinos told Arcana that she should become an acting god, as gods do not have feelings, allowing her to let go of her hatred, as well as allowing her to become the compassionate savior she always wanted to be. Though in truth, Boldinos did not expect her hatred to disappear as he sought to use the power of now-divine Arcana to wage war on the gods, as Arcana (now named Genudunub) created the country of Gadeisiola, a country for those that had lost their faith in the gods and began to hate them, making Boldinos the first overlord of the country.

Eventually, Arcana learned the truth about Boldinos lying to her about her losing her hatred and confronted him about it as he affirmed that he didn't expect her hatred to disappear, as Arcana attacked him for the betrayal, although he managed to defeat and kill her. He then fabricated a story about how Genudunub had betrayed the people of Gadeisiola to cover up his involvement in Arcana's turn.

Afterward, he started to participate in the Selection Judgment in hopes of destroying the God of Balance Elrorarierom and ending the Selection Judgment. During that time, he meet a young dragonewt girl named Sophia, who had a short lifespan and was about to sacrifice herself to the Dragon King, Boldinos dissuaded her and took her to Gadeisiola, allowing her to stay as much as she liked, with him gradually falling in love with her. He promised her that he would save her, he stated that while it would be impossible to heal her, they could meet again after he reincarnated her with the use of Silica, as he used it on her in hopes of seeing his lover later in the future.

Eventually, his partner-in-crime; Graham, betrayed and killed him, as he assumed Boldinos' identity in order to get close to Viaflare; Sophia's reincarnation as her womb had a great affinity for Gigerica, so assuming Boldinos' identity would enable him to gain her cooperation. However, before Boldinos could fully perish, he was reincarnated by Eges Code, who was chasing after Graham.


Viaflare Wips Gadeisiola

Originally, Boldinos encountered Viaflare when she was a young girl from Agaha named Sophia, who was planning on sacrificing herself to the Dragon King due to the fact that she suffered from having a short lifespan. Feeling sympathy towards her, he took her to his country and allowed her to stay as long as she wanted to, as the two mutually fell in love with each other. However, due to Sophia's condition, her short lifespan meant the two would soon be parted, but Boldinos was able to convince her that they could meet again in a new life if he reincarnated her with Silica, as Sophia was reincarnated and eventually reborn as Viaflare. However, Boldinos was unable to meet his reincarnated lover as he was killed by his associate; the misfit Graham, who assumed Boldinos identity to get close to Viaflare.


Boldinos' partner-in-crime and accomplice. The two would encounter each other sometime after Boldinos lost his faith in the gods, as while Boldinos believed that he had formed a partnership with Graham, the latter was merely using him for his own ends and eventually killed him and stole his identity after Graham had no further use for him.


Boldinos met Arcana sometime after he lost his faith in the gods and met Graham. While he felt sympathy towards her for her suffering, he still didn't hesitate in exploiting her anger towards the world for his own ends, as he manipulated her into becoming an Acting God and waging war against Giordal, Agaha and the gods by founding Gadeisiola as a haven for those who like them have lost faith in the gods. Arcana was eventually able to discover Boldinos' betrayal and fought against him, but he managed to defeat her and seemingly slay her.




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