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Bobonga Arzenon (ボボンガ・アーツェノン Bobonga Ātsenon?) is one of the Lions of Destruction from the Disaster Abyss World Evezeino.


Bobonga looks like a tired, one-armed man. The muscles in his left arm were thick and bulging. He wears a gray uniform with a skull symbol on his shoulder and the crest of waves and bubbles on his chest.[1]


Bobonga is a wild and eccentric individual. He takes pleasure and enjoymemt in battle but can be easily riled up due to his craving of resentment.



Silver Water Holy Sea Arc

Bobongo enters the Blacksmith/Appraiser Shop "Wind of the Sun" and shows Izabella his weapon, asking if she remembers. She inspects the claw, but she can't find anything and recommends him to a bigger store instead. This angers Bobonga, who asks if she can't remember the child she abandoned. He then charges at her, only to be stopped by the Eques Kiln's flames. He blows them out with a stomp, but Anos Voldigoad appears behind him. Bobonga tries to punch him, but Anos knocks him down and stomps on his head, asking for his identity.[1]

When Anos calls her his mom, anger and excitement overcome Bobonga, as she had finally given birth. Jet-black particles begin to fill the room, and their sources resonate. From the floor, Bobonga throws his claw at Izabella, causing Anos to release him as he goes to stop it. The two then cast source-killing spells and dye their hands in jet-black, before engaging in a wrestling match.[2]

Eventually, Anos manages to grab and throw Bobonga inside the Eques Kiln, so he protects himself with anti-magic. To make him talk, Anos shoots multiple Jio Graze inside the kiln. However, Costoria appears far above them and fires a bullet at Izabella, distracting Anos long enough for Bobonga to crawl out from the kiln. The two then fly away and make their escape.[2]


  • Immense Magic Power: As a lion of destruction, Bobonga possesses an immense amount of magic power. Most of it was concentrated in his non-existent right arm.


  • Lion's Black Claw Angelve (獅子黒爪アンゲルヴ Shishi Kuro Tsume Angeruvu?): Bobonga's weapon. A red sharp blade with no handle.




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