Blacksmith/Appraiser Shop "Wind of the Sun" (鍛冶・鑑定屋『太陽の風』, Kaji/Kantei-ya “Taiyō no Kaze”) is where Anos' new family works and lives at.


After moving to Dilhaide, the shop became Anos' family new home. Izabella works as the appraiser while Gusta works as the blacksmith. Anos regularly brings his friends over for dinner.


It is a wooden two-story house, with the second floor serving as the living area.

Notable Places

Anos' Room

Other than his bed, the room is completely empty. Is not that he just moved in, it's simply because Anos is not interested on decorating it.[1]


Where Gusta works at, he makes swords in here. Gusta is always exiting the workshop with excitement whenever Izabella announces that Anos brought yet another wife.


A place behind the house. There's many small trees and shrubs in the backyard.


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