Azeshion (アゼシオン, Azeshion) is the Human Realm.


2,000 years ago, the legend about about the "deep darkness" was passed down amongst the humans and it's still being told even now. The legend spoke about the deep darkness that will once again swallow Azeshion, but that the people shouldn't be be afraid and should offer prayers and hope to the legendary hero. By doing so, he will return and the light of hope will clear away the darkness. This was in truth a ploy for Jerga to rob people of their hope, and use it with Sanctuary <Asc> to empower himself.




Name Status
Lisius Engelo Gairadite Deceased
Zamira Engelo Gairadite Inactive

Notable Places

Royal Capital Gairadite


The capital of the human realm, located at the center of Azeshion. 2,000 years ago, it was where the headquarters of the Demon King Suppression Army centered around the Hero Kanon was located on. It was also a military city that was filled with various anti-magic circles and weapons in case of a surprise attack.

Holy Light Lake

The Lake

The royal capital Gairadite was built on an island in the center of a lake. The vast lake is called Holy Light Lake and it's said to be a holy lake that acts as a natural magic circle and has the power to seal evil. The lake is composed of regular water mixed in with Holy Water.

Hero Academy Arclaniska


Arclaniska was the royal castle 2,000 years ago, before it was repurposed. Now it is an academy that gives heroes a higher standard of education in the usage of swords and magic. 10% of Azeshion's tax revenue is used for the academy.

Tora Forest

Tora Forest

A vast forest that spans across Dilhaide and Azeshion, effectively serving as the border of both countries. Towards the Azeshion side, there is a large section of open grassland.[1]

Enola Meadow

It is a vast field located 60 kilometers southwest of Gairadite.[2]



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