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I am Arcana. Goddess of Selection.
~ Arcana to Anos

Arcana (アルカナ, Arukana) is the Goddess of Selection.

Prior to becoming the Goddess of Selection and losing her memories, she was known as Genudunub; the Goddess of Rebellion.


Arcana is described as a beautiful young girl with silky white hair and golden eyes.


Arcana is rather composed, carries an expressionless face most of the time and keeps a cool head in decision making and planning.


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Originally, Arcana was born in the Underground World, in the country of Agaha, as an orphan girl who possessed a dragon nucleus, which made her a target for dragons who would constantly attack Agaha in search of the nucleus in her. As a result, the public order in Agaha was disrupted due to the dragons attacks as Arcana's presence exposed the city she lived in to danger. Due to this, the Sword Emperor at the time wanted to expel Arcana from the country but he stated that he wouldn't expel her if someone were to feed her. So she wandered the city, knocking on every door she could find, hoping and believing that someone would help her. However, no one would open their doors and help her as the prophecies made her a detested child, so she was exiled from Agaha.

Wandering the wasteland and chased by dragons, Arcana was starved for food as she barely had enough magic power to survive, as the prophecies of Agaha would not let her die. The first Sword Emperor, who felt guilty that Arcana could die from the exile he sent her too, sent messengers to her with an offer: she would sacrifice herself to the dragon king, and become a revered dragon knight, thus allowing her live to in Agaha without being persecuted by dragons. However, prior to that Arcana was kidnapped by "Celis Voldigoad" at the behest of the Giordal Brotherhood, who made her an offer: they pledged to welcome her if she sided with Giordal during the Selection Judgment, which she agreed as they signed a <Zecht>. So Arcana sacrificed herself to the Dragon King and became a Dragon Child, after which she sided with Giordal. However, the believers of Giordal did not accept her as she was a former citizen of Agaha and a child dragon. So the head priest of Giordal told her that she should throw herself into the pyres of judgment so that the believers of Giordal would accept her as a saint. And she did so but the believers of Giordal still refused to accept her, stating that her past would not disappear no matter what she did. The head priests goal was to use Arcana who became a dragon child to win the Selection Judgment, as Arcana couldn't resist him due to the <Zecht> that she signed.

After that she was chosen as a representative for the Selection Judgment by Militia, who said that she could not be saved, as Arcana was able to win the Selection Judgment with Militia's help. While seemingly content with wining the Selection Judgment and finally overcoming her hatred, Arcana had learned that Militia was attempting to destroy the Selection Judgment, as she felt betrayed by Militia, so she killed her with the help of the Heavy Thunder Sword <Gaudgimon>, which was lent to her by Boldinos. He told her that she could forget about her hatred by becoming an acting god, as gods did not have any feeling and she could save mortals. However, Boldinos had also deceived her, due to the fact that after she became a god, her positive emotions disappeared but her hatred remained.

Becoming an acting god, she betrayed Giordal and Agaha, and created the Dragon Overlord's Country Gadesiola, which consisted of people who grew disillusioned with the gods, becoming know as Genudunub, the Goddess of Lies and Betrayal and used it to wage war on the gods. Later, Boldinos told her that he didn't except her hatred to disappear, she betrayed Gadesiola and attacked him in anger but he killed her.

After being reborn, she joined forces with "Celis Voldigoad", with the intention of betraying him, as they exchanged information before departing to their separate ways. She then sealed her memories and hatred inside the "Moon of Creation" and imposed various restrictions on her actions in order to achieve what she wanted, as she continued to try to remove her hatred.[1]

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Arcana became the Selection God of Ahid Alobo Agatse and began to participate in the Selection Judgment on his behalf.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a god, she possesses immense magic power, having a near bottomless magic pool that can only be used up when doing something of extraordinary magnitude.
  • Moon of Creation <Artieltonoa> (Formerly): She temporarily possessed the ability to use Militia's authority, the Moon of Creation <Artieltonoa>, and could subsequently summon the Month of Creation.
  • Six Flowers of Disobedience <Levihelluota>: Arcana's authority, which allows her to negate and neutralize the authorities of other gods.[2]
  • Conceptual Existence: Gods maintain and embody the order and laws of the world.[3]


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  • Magic Eyes of Disobedience: The signature magic eyes of Genudunub, the Goddess of Disobedience. The power of these magic eyes destroys any magic and they are able to recreate everything that exists.[4] It is said they also have the power to recreate the orders of other gods, which allows her to partially use their abilities.[5]

Weapons and Equipment

  • Divine Snow Sword <Rokoronot>: A divine sword that was created from a snowy moonflower. It possesses the power to freeze everything it touches, including magic.
  • Sword of the Almighty <Livaingirma>: A divine sword created by Arcana. If one were to pull it out from its sheath, their source from the present, past, and future would instantly be permanently erased from existence. The true power of this weapon is that it can cut through anything no matter how indestructible it may be. Arcana later became capable of creating the sword without any kind of material as a catalyst and was able to wield it and not be destroyed by it due to the power of her authority, which negated the negative effects of the sword.[2]



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