"Whether it is providence, fate, or miracle, before my eyes, it simply prostrates and vanishes."

— Anos to Misha and Sasha Necron

Anos Voldigoad (アノス・ヴォルディゴード, Anosu Vorudigōdo) is the first and most powerful Demon King and the main protagonist of the series.

With the current magic technology, his power couldn't be measured, and he is branded as a “Misfit”.


He has black hair and red eyes (Demon Eyes) and is usually seen wearing his school uniform which consists of a black shirt along with a white jacket and trousers along with a red belt.

After he officially becomes the Demon King, he is usually seen wearing the same Demon King outfit he wore 2,000 years ago.


Anos is a man who is resolute and invincible, has absolute power and confidence, and was reincarnated as a man who was feared to be the “Demon King of Tyranny”. Because of his overwhelming power and abilities, Anos possesses an easygoing attitude and an unrivaled sense of self- confidence when faced with any challenge.

Despite his title as the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos is not evil. Other people see him as cruel but his creed is not to kill people needlessly. In fact, Anos has a very strong belief in the potential of his fellow demons and takes measures to make them utilize it. Even if he would never admit it, Anos is also very protective of his fellow demons and companions.

While not evil, he is still the Demon King of Tyranny. This is not a self-proclaimed title but rather something the rest of the world began to call him, mainly due to his ruthless methods when dealing with his enemies.

His favorite food is mushroom gratin.


In his previous life, Anos was an orphan. Humans killed his mother while she was pregnant with him and he was born from her corpse. He said that it was something he could never forget.

2000 years ago, he was feared by all as the Demon King of Tyranny. Eventually, he got tired of the constant wars and decided that the only way peace could be achieved was by building walls between the four races, hoping they'd forget their grudge after a thousand years or so. Thus he formed an agreement with the Hero Kanon, Great Spirit Reno, and the God of Creation Militia and sacrificed himself to supply enough magic for the cause, saying that he would reincarnate after 2,000 years.


Demon King Academy Arc

Anos was reborn as the child of Gusta and Izabella. While his parents try to think of a name for him, Anos, having immediately inherited the memories from his previous life, tell them his name, shocking his parents. Finding an infant body inconvenient, he quickly uses Crest to age himself into a child. Despite his odd behavior, Anos's parents assume that he is some sort of prodigy, and shower him with affection. Over time, Anos learns of the degradation of magic as well as the mixing of bloodlines that have occurred over the last 2,000 years.

One month later, Anos receives an invitation to the Demon King Academy. The messenger explains the purpose of the academy and, deciding to attend. Anos uses Crest again to age himself into a teenager. That night, Anos attempts to leave, only to be caught by his parents. He explains that he received an invitation to the academy, and his parents decide to go with him, to which Anos agrees.

When going to the entrance exam, Anos is loudly cheered on by his parents. He then meets Misha Necron, who is also being cheered at. Before they can enter the building, Zepes Indu mocks them for coming to the exam with their parents, only for Anos to ignore him and keep walking. Anos then mocks his magic power, angering him to the point of using fire magic to try and intimidate Anos. Anos, however, is unimpressed and proceeds to casually blow out the fire with a sigh. Angered even more, the boy tries to fight Anos, but Anos tells him to wait, and Zepes freezes, unable to move his body. He and Misha go on, but they ended up having to go to different sections.

Upon entering the arena for the combat portion of the exam, it is revealed that his opponent is Zepes. As the match begins, Zepes tries to attack Arnos with his flaming demon sword, but Anos easily extinguishes the flames once again. Zepes then mocks Anos, leading Anos to proclaim that he will defeat Zepes without moving or activating magic circles. This infuriates Zepes who tries to attack Anos again, only for blood to explode out of his body and he falls to the ground. Anos explains that he used magic to enhance the sound of his heartbeat to damage Zepes's organs. Zepes declares that he won't give up and that only way Anos could beat him is with compulsion magic. Anos takes that as a challenge and the two use Zekt to prevent Anos from using compulsion magic with the match only ending if Zepes yields. Anos then flicks Zepes, causing his body to explode and scatter. He then uses Ingal to revive Zepes, only to kill him again. He does this several times in succession, even cracking a joke before Zepes gives up. Anos is then declared the winner of the match.

A break before his next match is offered, but Anos declines. He then sees Zepes get killed by his older brother Leorig. Anos says that weakness is not a good reason for him to kill his brother, but Leorig argues that losing to one of mixed blood makes him a failure. Leorig then explains that royals hold the blood of the founder and are thereby superior. Anos mocks this mindset, and Leorig asks if he's making light of the founder, to which Anos explains that he is the founder. Leorig ad his cronies threaten Anos, to which Anos invites all of the royals in the audience to join in the fight, which they do. As the fight starts, Anos makes all of their magic power to go out of control, causing most of the royals to self destruct. Leorig then uses Origin Magic Girasd to attack Anos, but Anos remains unaffected, revealing that, as the origin who the spell borrows power from, he is immune to the spell. Anos decides to test Leorig, reviving Zepes as a zombie with <Iglum>. He explains that as a zombie, Zepes is now stronger then Leorig, so he has no reason to hate him. He then tells Leorig to attack his brother, telling Leorig to use their brotherly bond to snap Zepes out of his rage, explaining that the two of them together might be able to damage him. Anos, however, is disappointing when Leorig is unable to calm down Zepes, resulting in Zepes killing Leorig. He then revives the two brothers, leaving them behind as he proceeds to the next part of the exam.

Anos meets up with Misha in the magical evaluation section. As Anos goes to measure his power, he unintentionally overloads the device, resulting in the crystal shattering and Anos receiving a score of 0. After moving on to the aptitude portion, he is asked a series of questions about the founder, and he answers all of them with no issue. After the exam, Anos invites Misha to have dinner with his family, and she accepts. Anos teleports them to his home with <Gatom>. They are quickly greeted by Izabella who is thrilled that Anos passed the exam, but she and Gusta misinterpret Misha as Anos's girlfriend. After a dinner of Mushroom Gratin, Anos walks her home.

The following day, Anos receives many odd looks on his way to the academy. After entering his classroom, Anos tells everyone that he will rule them all as a joke, but no one reacts. He then sees Misha and sits by her. He asks her about everyone's odd behavior and she reveals the cross on his uniform designated him as a misfit unfit to be demon king. Having a theory about how he was given that designation, Anos asks Misha to tell him the name of the Founder, but when she refuses, he reads her mind, learning that the founder is believed to be Avos Dilhevia. This new information leads Anos to speculate that the wrong name was passed down in recorded history.


  • Immense Magic Power: As the Founder, Anos possesses an extraordinary amount of magic power which surpasses nearly all other beings on the planet. Anos has mastered almost all magic, but he loses to Kanon in root magic.

See: Magic

  • Demon King Origin Magic Immunity: Origin Magic is a type of magic that borrows the power from an ancient being to cast. Being the Demon King himself, any spell cast that calls for his own power is rendered useless against him.
  • Spell Theory: Anos possess an extremely high level of knowledge into magic. Easily creating many powerful spells such as teleportation and the Demon King Army. He also masterfully enhances spells previously thought to be perfect and completed the fusion spell which one of the Elder Demon Emperors has spent thousands of years developing. Even the evil royals spent over 2000 years to study magic, they still couldn't beat him.
  • Blood Erosion: Anos's blood erodes the world.
  • Demon Eyes of Destruction

Weapons and Equipment


Anos holding Venuzdonoa

Principle Destroying Sword <Venuzdonoa>: This is Anos's main weapon, it is the sword of the founder which can destroy all creation and the universe. It can only be used inside the Demon King Castle Delzogade, but Anos can move the castle by using Demon King Castle Summon <Delzogade>.

Heaven Gate God Seat Selection Summon <Guala Nate Forteos>: An allied beads that can summon selected god for the god seat. Anos uses this to summon Arcana.

Anos is said to possess various other weapons.



The first person Anos meets after arriving that the Demon King Academy.


Anos originally befriended her because of Misha but slowly comes to care for her as he does for Misha. The first time they talk, he calls her understanding of magic shallow because she says that Misha is a doll and does not have a soul. He later on remarks that she has beautiful Demon Eyes. After she stabs Misha in a final attempt to make her hate her, Anos injures her but lets her run away at Misha's request, as she is leaving he states that he is tolerant to his subordinates betraying him. After learning the reason behind her actions he forgives her and protects her and Misha from Ivis Necron.

Shin Reglia




  • His favorite food is mushroom gratin. After reincarnation, his mom makes it for him all the time.
  • In Episode 4, an alternative version of the opening theme was sung by Anos Voldigoad's voice actor, Tatsuhisa Suzuki.
  • Like Atsushi Nakajima from Bungo Stray Dogs, Anos Voldigoad belt acts like a tail.



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