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"Whether it is providence, fate, or miracle, before my eyes, it simply prostrates and vanishes."

— Anos to Misha and Sasha Necron

Anos Voldigoad (アノス・ヴォルディゴード, Anosu Vorudigōdo) is the first and most powerful Demon King, and is the main protagonist of the series.


Anos is the founding demon with black hair and black-red eyes. He's been described as being a pretty boy and is usually seen wearing his school uniform which consists of a black shirt along with a white jacket and trousers along with a red belt. As his Anosh alias he's seen wearing a demon royalty uniform which consist of a black shirt, jet black jacket and trousers with a heptagram which is only given to the most outstanding of students.

After he officially becomes the Demon King, he is usually seen wearing the same Demon King outfit he wore 2,000 years ago.


Anos is the reincarnation of the man who was feared as the Demon King of Tyranny 2,000 years ago. He is resolute, stalwart, and invincible. His absolute power instils a veritable self-confidence that is only surpassed by his ego. Because of his overwhelming prowess, Anos possesses an easy going attitude and an unrivalled sense of perseverance when facing any challenge that may come his way.

Despite his title as the Demon King, Anos has a definitive moral compass and generally has a kind and caring outlook. He takes a great interest in the well-being of not only his family, but also his subordinates and followers, and is quick to reward them for their loyalty. He is willing to go through great lengths to assist in their development, in order for them to reach their full potential. Other people may see him as cruel, but his personal creed is not to kill people needlessly. Even if he would never admit it, Anos is very protective of his fellow subordinates and followers.

While Anos is not inherently evil, his chaotic and sometimes ruthless methods when dealing with his enemies, earned him his title. While he originally never proclaimed himself as the Demon King, he has openly embraced it as the rest of the world views him as such. Those who oppose him, fear his power, and are threatened by the mere fact that a single man possesses such power.

The legends of just his gaze striking fear into those who appear before him are not just a rumour either. Just using his demonic eyes to control others' actions is enough for some to go mentally insane.


2,000 years ago, in his previous life, Anos was an orphan. Humans killed his mother while she was pregnant with him and he was born from her corpse. He said that it was something he could never forget.[1]

As the war between humans and demons raged on, Anos eventually grew tired of the constant fighting and decided that the only way peace could be achieved was by building walls between the four races, hoping they'd forget their grudge after a thousand years or so. Thus he formed an agreement with the Hero Kanon, Great Spirit Reno, and the God of Creation Militia and sacrificed himself to supply enough magic for the cause, saying that he would reincarnate after 2,000 years.

The unborn child which Anos would reincarnate into, was close to death while still inside his mother's womb. Because the doctors couldn't do anything, even with magic, Izabella prayed everyday for her child to be born. It didn't matter to her which divine or demonic being answered, so long as they'd help her child. While she was sleeping, the baby's heart stopped inside of her. Izabella prayers were finally answered when the child's heart started beating again. Little by little, the unborn child regained his strength and grew as Anos' source chose the unborn child to reincarnate in, thus returning life to it. He believes that it was because of his mother's sheer force of will that he was drawn to the baby.


  • Immense Magic Power: As the Founder, Anos possesses an extraordinary amount of magic power which surpasses all other beings on the planet. His power is so monumental, that it cannot be measured by normal means. Anos has mastered almost all types of magic, but he admits that he loses to Kanon in source magic.[2] He also mentions that the only category he is completely unrivalled in is destruction magic, and that Misha could potentially surpass him in creation magic.[3]
  • Immense Physical Strength: Anos has displayed an insane level of physical strength whenever magic was rendered insufficient. As shown during the inter-team battle exam, where he lifted up Sasha's entire castle with a single hand, and spun it around his index finger. He also displayed his physical strength when he opened up the ginormous gates that guarded his spectre hidden beneath the castle. Anos also moved the moon with physical strength to create a solar eclipse, though he needed magic to reach the moon in order to grasp it.[4] It's also been stated that Anos can destroy a universe with only his fists.[5]
  • Immense Physical Speed: Anos displays insane levels of physical speed whenever it is necessary in order to defeat his opponents. Anos was casually faster than Gazel Apt Ageila who literally turned into light itself and achieved lightspeed in an attempt to intercept Anos.[6] Anos also displayed his immense physical strength when he reacted to, blocked, and caught Eges Code's Crimson Blood Magic Spear <Dihiddoatem>[7], which transcends space-time[7], and has no concept of "time" or "distance between opponents", and any kind of armour or speed is nothing in front of it.[8]
  • Source Intimidation: Magic power comes from the source itself, so if it becomes afraid of the opponent, it causes the magic to go out of control and explode. As the Demon King of Tyranny, Anos is far stronger than others, thus it is feared by many.
  • Demon King Origin Magic Immunity: Origin Magic is a type of magic that borrows the power from an ancient being to cast. Being the Demon King himself, any spell cast that calls for his own power is rendered useless against him.[9]
  • Spell Theory: Anos possess an extremely high level of magic knowledge. Easily creating many powerful spells such as teleportation and the Demon King Army. He also masterfully enhances spells previously thought to be perfect and completed the fusion spell which one of the Elder Demon Emperors has spent thousands of years developing. Even the evil royals who spent over 2,000 years to study magic couldn't beat him.
  • Demon King's Blood: The Demon King's Blood spews out from Anos' source whenever it is damaged, which uncontrollably corrodes whatever damaged his source, including conceptual attacks like gods' authorities, and also the surrounding area.[10]
  • Source of Destruction: Being both a descendant of the Voldigoad bloodline and a Lion of Destruction, Anos possesses a unique source. As stated by Ronculus Zaybat, this source consists of incredible destruction and is a hellish environment.[11] The closer Anos approaches destruction, the stronger he gets. Anos' source can overcome its own destruction, though it is still unclear what exactly this means. One possibility is that if Anos' source is destroyed, and therefore reaches infinite power and returns to destruction[12], it will overcome its own destruction and reform again, as Graham stated that both their sources have a similar nature.[13][14] Another possibility is that Anos simply uses the power he gains as he approaches destruction to prevent his own destruction, therefore overcoming it.


See: Magic

  • Magic Eyes of Destruction: These magic eyes are capable of "destroying" (disintegrating) everything in Anos' sight[15], including a person's mind and magic itself.[16] Additionally, these magic eyes can put people to sleep for at least a day.[17] These magic eyes can seemingly act automatically to "destroy" powers that attempt to affect Anos[16][18], making it the ultimate anti-magic.[16]
  • Magic Eye(s) of Chaotic Destruction: The essence of this magic eye is destruction, but in chaotic form. It has the power to destroy even the indestructible. With merely the opening of this magic eye the world begins to collapse and become chaotic.[19] This magic eye is capable of destroying order and reason. If there's a contradiction between this magic eye and the reason that must be destroyed, Anos will win unilaterally. Compared to the reason which makes a single event certainly happen, it's far more advantageous for this magic eye which makes this event never happen. This magic eye can seemingly act automatically to destroy powers that attempt to affect Anos and anything that contradicts Anos' will.[20] It was the original magic eyes of Anos before he suppressed its power to the utmost limit, obtaining the more reasonable Magic Eyes dyed in Destructive Purple that can destroy order, and later exchanged his right eye with the God of Destruction Aberneyu's right eye (Divine Eye(s) of Apocalypse), obtaining the much weaker Magic Eyes of Destruction. Anos is still able to use the original power of the Magic Eye(s) of Chaotic Destruction even after "losing" his right eye.[19]
  • Hell Flame Annihilation Mortar <Jio Graze>: Said to be the highest-ranking of attack fire magic within the demon race's magic system, a powerful miniature jet-black sun which can be fired off at the enemy like a comet. As is the case with all forms of magic, the more powerful the user, the more powerful the spell becomes. In the Mythical Age, one caster could use multiple <Jio Graze>, but in the Magical Age, 20 people could only reach a 20% success rate.
  • Magic Black Thunder Emperor <Jirasd>: Origin magic that borrows power from the Demon King of Tyranny. It is a typhoon of powerful black lightning that rains destruction onto enemies.
  • Magic Black Thunder Fang <Ji Noavs>: <Jirasd> is used to activate the technique of <Ji Noavs>, causing the black lightning to mercilessly cling and tear into the enemy's source until they are destroyed for good.
  • Source Kill <Bebesd>: Anos stains his fingertips in dense black magic particles and impales with his spear hand towards the enemy, this directly attacks the source, possibly destroying it permanently if the attack is successful.
  • Deep Source Kill <Bebesd>: By deepening the original <Bebesd>, this more powerful variant was formed. It possesses the same properties as the original <Bebesd>, with the only difference being that it is many times more powerful than the original.
  • Four Worlds Wall <Beno Yeven>: The wall that divided the world into four 2,000 years ago. It was made by combining the magic power of the God of Creation, the Great Spirit, the Hero, and the Demon King. It rejects everything and destroys them. However, Melheis had taken it before it disappeared 1,000 years ago. Anos can clad any part of his body in the same wall that separated the world, to act as either a protective barrier or to strengthen his attacks.
  • Hell Flame Binding Chains Magic Formation <Zora E Dipto>: A magical technique that summons chains of hell flame to constrict the enemy's movements and finish them off.
  • Demon King Castle Summon <Delsgade>: This great magic that moves the Demon King Castle Delsgade, capable of emitting enormous magic power because it was originally a fixed magic tool, which was certainly impossible 2,000 years ago. However, origin magic is older, and by borrowing from an entity with greater magical power, it is possible to produce extraordinary results. If we borrowed power from Delsgade 2,000 years ago, it is not impossible to summon Delsgade of this era, which has a close relationship with it. Anos can only use <Venuzdonoa> within the vicinity of his Demon King's Castle, however, he can summon his castle anytime he wishes in exchange for using up a lot of his magic power.
  • All Creation Hand <I Gneas>: The magic that allows the user to ignore physical distances, grasping, and taking control of everything. Anos used this magic to move the moon to make an eclipse happen nine days earlier than it should have.
  • Wavy Body Possibility Manifestation <Venejiara>: Anos' magic power fluctuates between possibility, so too, does his source and his body, when Anos uses this ability he encompasses all possibilities, the possibility that he attacks, or the possibility that he doesn't, all at once. Therefore, when using this ability, Anos could be standing still yet attacking at the same time.
  • Demon Curse Necrosis Destruction <Deguzegdo>: A curse resembling a black snake that appears on the body and causes the opponent's magical power to run amok leading to their death.
  • <Superimpose>: Anos can superimpose some of his attacks on top of each other to increase its power output.
  • Jiao Death Annihilation Brilliant Fire <Aviastan Jiara>: A fire magic developed by Mage King Bomiras that is an attribute higher than the Jio Graze. By forming a three-dimensional magic circle via multiple Jio Graze's, intense heat rays can be gathered on any part of the body resulting in an immensely powerful jet-black flame.
  • Shackle Collars of Dream and Reality <Nedonerias>: Anos summons a collar around the neck of a defeated enemy, which can induce them into a nightmare they will never wake up from unless either they fulfil certain conditions, or Anos releases them of his own volition.
  • Ash Purple Destruction Thunder-fire Electric Field <Lavia Gigu Gaveriized>: Magic spell Anos ends up "inheriting" from his original father. Said to be destruction magic with power that far outstrips that of <Jirasd>, immensely powerful purple lightning rains down from the heavens to simply annihilate anything in its way.
  • Grasping Magic Hand <Rayon>: A deep magic Anos acquires during the events of the Silver Sea. Anos coats his hands in layers of special magic that can be used to "catch" magic directed towards him by an enemy, or magic he himself produces. He can then compound said magic multiple times back and forth between his hands to make it many times more powerful before shooting it back at an enemy.
  • Supreme Flame Magic Heavy Cannon <Dogda Azbedara>: Highly explosive flame magic that trails towards the enemy in the form of a blue star. As a deep magic, its power is far beyond <Jio Graze>, to the point that it's not even comparable.
  • Extreme Hell World Destruction Ash Magic Mortar <Egil Grone Angdroa>: Anos' first world-destroying magic. Origin magic that unleashes apocalyptic flames that burn, destroy and reduce everything to ashes. It borrows power from the past God of Creation and God of Destruction of the world, from the past user themselves, and also adds the power of the present user to it. It burns what should not be burned, destroys what should not be destroyed, and reduces the entire universe to ashes. The reason why this magic isn't positioned as the highest level of fire attribute magic is because it only has the form of a flame, but is actually a completely different thing, and is more properly positioned as a "destruction attribute magic".[10] If the apocalyptic flames are not controlled, it will destroy hundreds and thousands of worlds.[21]
  • Nirvana Seven Steps Conquest <Gilieriam Naviem>: Anos' second world-destroying magic. Deepening magic that releases the destructive power condensed at Anos' source with each step and raises the level of all power. If the seventh step is unleashed, the world will be destroyed a thousand times over, and there would still be power to spare.[22]

Weapons and Equipment

Principle Destroying Sword <Venuzdonoa>: The magic sword of the founder which can destroy all things in creation. No matter how tough, eternal or infinite it is, Venuzdonoa will destroy it alongside its reason.[18]
Venuzdonoa was created by transforming the God of Destruction Aberneyu's divine body and source into the Demon King Castle Delsgade, therefore distorting and disrupting the Order of Destruction, and transforming the God of Destruction's authority, the Sun of Destruction <Sargeldonave>, into a magic in the form of a sword that destroys reason.[23]
Before this Principle Destroying Sword all reason is meaningless. Magical things like distances and dimensions are irrelevant. In front of this Principle Destroying Sword, all reason turns to nothing, therefore it is useless to think about what it can or cannot do.[24]
Venuzdonoa can only be used in either the vicinity of the Demon King Castle Delsgade[25], or the domain of the Demon King Castle Delsgade created in[26] Sasha Necron's sight via the Magic Eyes of Reason Destruction.[27] The Demon King Castle Delsgade can be summoned via <Delsgade>.[25]

The Sword of the Almighty <Livaingirma>: A divine sword created by Arcana. If one were to pull it out from its sheath, their source from the present, past, and future would instantly be permanently erased from existence. Anos is able to use this sword thanks to his <Venejiara>. The true power of this weapon is that it can cut through anything no matter how indestructible it may be.

Two Laws Sword: A jet-black magic sword formed by transforming the body of the Two Laws Tyrant via <Athens> and connecting his body to Anos' body via <Gyze>. As a result of the connection made via <Gyze>, the Two Laws Sword acts as a second vessel for Anos, capable of containing and controlling an enormous amount of destructive power from his source. A normal vessel would immediately perish, but because the body of the Two Laws Tyrant is extraordinarily tough, it can contain an enormous amount of Anos' destructive power. Therefore, it has extraordinary attack power. As a result of being formed from the body of the Two Laws Tyrant, the Two Laws Sword gained his unique power, Two Laws Shadow Step <Dugdara>, which enables the user to directly damage the target's real body when stepping on their shadow.

Diamond Iron Sword: A handcrafted sword forged and gifted to Anos by his father, Gusta. Anos used it throughout the Magic Sword Tournament. While the sword does not compare to the magical power of many of his other personal items, Anos treasures it the most, as it was suffused with his father's love. [28]

God Seat Heaven Gate Summon Selection <Guala Nate Forteos>: An allied beads that can summon selected god for the god seat. Anos uses this to summon Arcana.

Anos is said to possess various other weapons.


  • His favourite food is mushroom gratin. After reincarnation, his mom makes it for him all the time.
  • In Episode 4 and Episode 13, an alternative version of the opening theme was sung by Anos Voldigoad's voice actor, Tatsuhisa Suzuki.
  • Like Atsushi Nakajima from Bungo Stray Dogs, Anos Voldigoad belt acts like a tail.
  • Anos deeply treasures the love and support that he receives from his parents, Gusta and Izabella, as his past incarnation was orphaned, and grew up without any family at all.
  • While both of Anos' parents are human, one of his ancestors was a demon, causing the pure-bloods to still refer to him as a hybrid or mixed-blooded demon.
  • Many royals and pure-bloods are unable to see past the fact that Anos was "reborn" as a hybrid, and conceitedly refuse acknowledge that the Demon King of Tyranny would choose to reincarnate from anything other than pure-blooded parents. Even many pure-bloods who possess demonic eyes, would refuse to analyze his blood, due to this misconception.
  • He is said to be so powerful that even divine magic is kept at bay.
  • It was implied that Anos reached the bottom of the abyss and he described it as "shallow waters".
  • Being half-asleep, he nearly destroyed Dilhade using <Jio Graze> because he was fighting Kanon in his dream. Surprisingly though, no one died because he still had that much control while half-sleep.
  • As a result of using Reincarnation <Silica>, he could only use less than one tenth of his immense magic power. He had gained his original power once the source was fully awakened.[24]


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