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I don’t want to disappoint you, but we are not gods at all.
~ Aisha to Giordal soldiers

Aisha Necron (アイシャ・ネクロン Aisha Nekuron?) is the fusion of the Necron sisters, Sasha Necron and Misha Necron, though the use of Dino Jixes.


Aisha has the appearance of a beautiful girl with ash colored silver hair and golden eyes. She wears a gracefully long white dress that reaches the ground, white stockings and a crown-like head accessory.


As a combination of Sasha and Misha, she possess an amalgamation of their consciousnesses, as the two girls can each speak through the combined fusion.


Hero Academy Arc

Aisha first appeared during the Dilhade/Azeshion War after Anos' seeming death and Jerga's revival as living magic, as the former hero taunted the Necron twins about their inferiority in terms of power and skill compared to the demons of the Mythical Age. However, Ivis Necron retorted that the demons have not weakened, as he used Dino Jixes to merge the two girls into one. Aisha began to fight against Jerga and destroy the Gavuel applied to the Zeshias, as she was seemingly shocked by Anos' resurrection. She then proceeded to make a ice castle as a safe point to evacuate all of the wounded human and demon soldiers. After the battle was over, Aisha rushed to Anos, defusing into Sasha and Misha in the process, as they started crying over the fact that he might have been killed.


  • Immense Magic Power: As a fusion of two very powerful demons, Aisha possesses an immense amount of magical power, which is considered superior even to the higher-ranked demons of the Mythical Age. According to Anos, due to the fact that she was created by the fusion of two separate sources rather then half of a source fused together, as Sasha was originally intended to do, Aisha is far stronger then Sasha would have been after Dino Jixes refused Misha to her. She was able to fight against Jerga's magical body and continuously to destroy his Theo Trias attacks, as well as the Gavuel magic circles that Jerga applied to the Zeshias.[1] Her magic power allowed her to fight against an entire battalion of dragonewt troops by herself.[2] She also demonstrated the ability to fight against two of the Four Evil Kings; Eges Code and Kaihilam Jiste, at the same time and force them to retreat.[3]



  • Anos was the one who named Aisha, as she originally lacked a name, with the Necron sisters taking a liking to Anos' suggested name.[5]
    • Aisha comes from a combination of the second letters in the Necron sisters names (Sasha & Misha, as well as the shared "sha" suffix that their names share.
  • Aisha is presumed to be the reincarnated form of Genudunub, the Goddess of Disobedience and the rebellious Goddess of Gadeisiola, due to possessing the power of the Magic Eyes of Creative Destruction, which have the same power as Genudunub's signature Magic Eyes of Disobedience.[2]
  • Aisha doesn't have a distinct separate personality and voice, but instead just uses the voices of both Necron sisters in tandem, as Sasha will say one sentence which Misha will finish.


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